Chapter 0057: Wolf Companion Blood Crystal for Tempering the Body
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Apex War God Chapter 0057: Wolf Companion Blood Crystal for Tempering the Body

The Wolf Companion Blood Crystal was the size of a fist, with blood strands running along its sides. Shining and translucent, this precious stone was formed with the blood of the Wolf King and could be considered a King Class object.

When an ordinary wolf spirit swallowed this Wolf Companion Blood Crystal, not only would its bloodline improve, but its strength would also increase significantly, improving its chances of becoming a Spirit King.

It could be said that such a Wolf Companion Blood Crystal was a rare find, one that could bring a human great benefits when refining the physical body.

Yang Wu didn’t just cultivate. Since childhood, he often read with his brother, except that his brother read scholarly books while he read books about all kinds of fantastic oddities. Hence, he recognized the Wolf Companion Blood Crystal that Lang Jie spat out at a glance.

So how could he not feel a pang at the sight of Sooty simply gulping down such a precious treasure?

With just a teeny bit of this rare treasure, he could temper his body further. This held great benefits without any downsides for him.

Fortunately, Sooty wasn’t one who only thought of itself. The dog quickly returned and spat out a thumb-sized Wolf Companion Blood Crystal from its mouth. The young man snatched it up and said, “Hey, Sooty, this piece of King Class object may not mean anything to you, but this doesn’t mean you can behave like a prodigal, you know. With such a big piece, couldn’t you have left a little for Skinny Monkey and Barbie, too, on top of giving me some?”

The puppy stuck out its tongue, revealing two pieces of blood crystals nestled inside its mouth, then quickly rolled its tongue in.

Yang Wu laughed heartily and stroked the dog gently. “I was wrong to blame you.” After a pause, he glanced at Lang Jie, still sprawled on the ground, not daring to move, and asked Sooty, “What should we do with it?”

The young man dearly wanted the Wolf King as his mount, but he dared not stand out too much. If he did, he would definitely kick up a storm, and

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