Chapter 0058 Looking for Trouble
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Apex War God Chapter 0058 Looking for Trouble

The new cellblock 1 was a merger of the first four cellblocks, and everyone expected the four bosses to be at loggerheads.

However, none of this happened. The four bosses had only met once, and there was no conflict. Everyone got along peacefully in cellblock 1.

What had happened, though, was that their four gangs became an alliance with four leaders—the original four bosses. As such, they had to learn to coexist.

These four leaders were Swift Feet Ai Feili, who was originally ranked first, Zombie Han Wuqing, Little Ugly Girl Shi Lengmei, and the barbarian Shi Taisheng.

Ai Feili was a pirate known for his speed and boasting the strength of a General, before he was imprisoned. Right before his capture, he had been injured severely by imperial court experts and regressed to the Consummate Grade Warrior Realm. Even then, he still stood out within the Warrior Realm, making him worthy of his position as the first-ranked boss.

Just like his name, Han Wuqing was truly cold and ruthless. In merely his thirties or forties, he already wore an expression as stiff as a corpse, as if his heart had died long ago. This earned him the nickname Zombie, and he would kill a man without even batting an eyelid.

Little Ugly Girl Shi Lengmei was a disfigured woman, but there was nothing to complain about her physique. She had curves in all the right places and left nothing to the imagination. If she had not been disfigured, she would have been a femme fatale.

As for the barbarian Shi Taisheng, he was a prisoner of war. His Barbarian Energy was incomparably powerful; he could overpower a General without question.

These four people were much more powerful than Slouching Wang Bajin, One-Eyed Dragon Zhou Xuelong, and Black Ape.

After their alliance, they wanted to divide the Scarlet Steel Rock from the prisoners among themselves equally, no longer satisfied with the status quo where the Scarlet Steel Rock was shared among the prison’s seven bosses. Hence, they sent their people to the new cellblock 2 to exact tribute from the bosses of the new block 2.

This time, not many had been sent from cellblock 1—only eight people—but most of them were Superior Grade Warriors, with one in the Consummate Grade Warrior Realm.

No one dared to stand in the way when such a force wanted to enter block 2. Guo Jingshi, the Consummate Grade Warrior at the lead, yelled domineeringly at the prisoners, “Bring your new boss to me, and tell him to pay tribute to our cellblock 1 from now on.”

Guo Jingshi’s attitude was extremely arrogant, as if he owned cellblock 2.

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