Chapter 0059: My Name Is Yang Wu
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Apex War God Chapter 0059: My Name Is Yang Wu

Yang Wu crushed both shoulders of the prisoner on the spot. Several others broke out in a cold sweat at the sound of breaking bones and the prisoner’s screams.

Yang Wu threw the prisoner to the ground like a dead dog and said coldly to the other retreating prisoners from cellblock 1, “Are you not going to break your arms? What are you waiting for?”

They hesitated for a bit; then, one of them raised the crowbar in his hand and hit his own arm.


After that prisoner broke his own arm, no one else dared to disobey Yang Wu; the others also broke their own arms one after the other. To them, that was better than the young man taking action; they would suffer less this way.

“Scram!” Yang Wu dismissed them.

They scurried off, almost rolling and crawling away from that place.

The prisoners in cellblock 2 looked at Yang Wu with reverence. In the future, no one would dare to superficially obey but secretly oppose him.

Yang Wu looked at the injured Xu Jiaohua and said, “Well done. No one will trouble you from now on.”

“Thank you for saving me, Young Master!” Xu Jiaohua said gratefully.

Yang Wu responded, “From now on, just serve Senior Xun with care.”

After saying that, he made a beeline for cellblock 1.

Fatty Dong was very clever and immediately followed him, asking, “Is Young Master going to block 1?”

Yang Wu nodded, and Fatty Dong expressed his sincere loyalty. “I’m willing to go with Young Master.”

Looking at Fatty Dong, Yang Wu teased, “I’m going to challenge all of them; do you have the guts to be a part of this?”

Fatty Dong shrank his neck and smiled embarrassedly. “Then…then I won’t hold Young Master back.”

Yang Wu did not get angry but laughed, “Haha, Fatty Dong, what a nice man you are! You are sincere!”

The young man raised his head and walked away. He looked heroic and elegant without the slightest awareness of a sheep entering a den of wolves.

After all, the most powerful prisoners were assigned to cellblock 1. Although no one there had entered the General Realm, many were in the Warrior

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