Chapter 0060 The Battle of Fists and Palms
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Apex War God Chapter 0060 The Battle of Fists and Palms

The crowbar strike contained Profound Energy and was extremely powerful. Even thick-skinned and heavily built barbarians were no match for it. Once they were hit, their skins burst open, and their flesh hung in shreds, bleeding profusely.

A belligerent spirit boiled up within Yang Wu, and he laughed, “Come on! Bring me more capable fighters. You all are too weak!”

Laughing, the young man swung his crowbar hard. Profound Energy stormed on the four wounded barbarians, torturing them. They could not retreat at all, nor could they withstand it.

When Yang Wu put away his crowbar, the four barbarians were already battered and had fallen, surrounded by a pool of their own blood.

Not even looking at them, Yang Wu continued running forward, his crowbar dragging on the ground, the friction producing fierce sparks.

If any prisoner did not fear for his life and dared approach Yang Wu, his crowbar sent them flying. Nobody could stand in his way.

Soon, a bloody path appeared in cellblock 1—one made of the blood of prisoners, long and extremely bone-chilling.

The prison guards secretly watching felt their hair stand on end. The young man with the crowbar was no weaker than any of the alliance bosses.

If such a young man wanted to escape the prison, it would take a block captain to stop him.

No matter how far Yang Wu went, Sooty trailed close behind; nobody could stop them.

Yang Wu’s appearance finally alarmed Shi Taisheng, one of the four bosses of the alliance, who ruled the nearby mountain.

The unarmed Shi Taisheng appeared before Yang Wu. He stood at a commanding height like an iron tower, with dazzling eyes and a domineering presence.

Shi Taisheng had once slain forty-nine Warriors and a General of the Xia Dynasty on the battlefield before his capture.

Although he was now a prisoner—an identity that would follow him for life—his strength remained undiminished. He was now a boss in the prison, and he wanted to kill a few more people of the Xia Dynasty. The young man before him was a prime example of his favorite prey.

If such

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