Chapter 0049: Prison Warden Wan Tianlong
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Apex War God Chapter 0049: Prison Warden Wan Tianlong

The prisoners in various cellblocks heard the terrifying wolf howls, which got on everyone’s nerves.

“The wolf spirits are invading again. What’s happening?”

“I heard thousands died from the last attack. It looks like we’d better run for our lives; if not, we might become the next victims.”

“Most of the prison guards have been transferred out. If we don’t escape now, then when will we?”

“That’s right. Remaining only leads to death. At least there’s still a chance to survive if we run.”

A few prisoners were tempted. They did not want to stay locked up for the rest of their lives, so they decided to escape.

In a moment, a commotion broke out in the mountain prison.

The prison had deployed most of the guards to fight the wolf spirits, and the remaining ones were too weak to put down the riot.

Wan Tianlong, who had been recuperating, was alerted. Despite his grave injuries, he instructed his daughter to help him into his armor.

“Father, you have yet to fully recover,” Wan Lanxin told him worriedly.

“My health is secondary. If I don’t contain the situation and the prison turns chaotic, I’ll have a hard time answering for it,” Wan Tianlong answered with a pale face.

After the armor-clad warden mounted the bull spirit, his spirits picked up somewhat. With his weapon in hand, he called to the followers in his courtyard, “Join me in battle!”

The ten-odd people present were the warden’s confidants. They all knelt and responded in unison, “We’ll follow you to the battlefield!”

Turning to look at his daughter, Wan Tianlong instructed, “I’ll leave all the cellblocks under your charge. Do whatever it takes to maintain order; don’t be soft-hearted!”

Looking at her father’s resolute expression, Wan Lanxin nodded solemnly. “Father, rest assured. I won’t disappoint you!”

The man gave a gratified smile and left for the battlefield with his men.

As a prison warden, even with his grave injuries, he had no excuse not to fight. Otherwise, his appointment as the prison warden would be over.

The woman watched her father depart with clear r

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