Chapter 0048: Ten Thousand Wolves Making an Assault
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Apex War God Chapter 0048: Ten Thousand Wolves Making an Assault

The Smoke Signal Mountain Range was famous for its wolves. Since wolf spirits dominated the region, there were countless wolf spirits there. Ordinary wolf spirits populated the periphery, which was why the Xia Dynasty could occupy some land to build the mountain prison. Deeper into the mountains, the more powerful wolf spirits ran rampant, and even a King would be leery of venturing inside, fearing death.

Ever since Wan Tianlong repulsed the Consummate Grade Wolf General Lang Cha, Lang Cha bore a grudge. It ordered its subordinates to attack the mountain prison from time to time, resulting in the deaths of several prison guards and prisoners.

In addition to the ordered attacks, Lang Cha headed towards another Wolf King’s territory. It wanted to persuade the Wolf King to attack the mountain prison.

Before a mountain full of goldleaf trees was an area carpeted with brilliant golden leaves. Yellow, dazzling, and beautiful, with the soughing breeze, the place was refreshing to the soul.

Lang Cha knelt in front of a cave on the mountainside, waiting respectfully. It dared not show the slightest sign of impatience.

In the cave, a pair of golden eyes that shone like the sun darted around. “Lang Cha, are you aware of your crime in disturbing this king?”

“Lang Cha is at fault and asks for my king’s forgiveness!” Lang Cha said with its head lowered. After a pause, it continued, “This insignificant one has an urgent matter that requires my king’s attention. I need my king to claim justice for the wolves of my clan and wipe out those lowly humans.”

A dissatisfied voice came from the cave. “You do know that our clan has an agreement with the humans, don’t you? Are you asking me to break this agreement?”

“This insignificant one dares not. It is just that the humans have gone too far this time! They dug up a King’s treasure, yet when I brought my subordinates to ask for a share of it so that I could dedicate it to my king, they slaughtered thousands of my subordinates. Lang Cha is incompetent and asks for my king’s punishment!” Lang Cha said, kneeling.

“Are you sure it was a King’s treasure?” The voice from the cave carried a trace of urgency.

“There is no mistake. I smelled an earthly spirit spring and sensed a peculiar Profound Energy. Once absorbed, it would raise my king’s strength to greater heights!” Lang Cha said.

“You bastard, why didn’t you tell me until now?!” the Wolf King in the cave yelped in dissatisfaction and rushed out. Its huge head bit at Lang Cha.

The terrified Lang Cha dared not even twitch.

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