Chapter 0047: The Boy Is Worth Teaching
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Apex War God Chapter 0047: The Boy Is Worth Teaching

Wild Tactician Xun Rui. There was nothing wrong with introducing himself with such theatrical flair.

In the past, he didn’t look like this, but wiser with a celestial demeanor, sporting a feather fan and silk scarf—a sagacious appearance like someone experienced and talented in governance.

The imperial court’s Prime Minister Song had appreciated his talent and brought him into his group of advisers to solidify his position in court.

Xun Rui had a lot of opinions on economics and heroically wrote Twenty-Four Volumes on An Opinion Piece on the Nation’s Disastrous Mistakes on his own initiative. Each volume was full of the injustices of and dissatisfactions with the imperial court of that time. This matter even indirectly blamed the emperor, causing a great upheaval in the imperial palace. Prime Minister Song was nearly deposed, which scared him out of his wits. In the end, Xun Rui, this most outstanding perpetrator, should have been beheaded, but the emperor kindly gave him a way out, sentencing him to torture and life imprisonment in the mountain prison.

This happened ten years ago. Yang Wu had heard about the twenty-four volumes from his younger brother, the top scholar, who was voluble in praise for them. He thought that if the imperial court utilized these twenty-four volumes, its national power would inevitably increase significantly, the common people would live in peace and prosperity, and civil and military arts would flourish.

At that time, his younger brother had even lamented that if he met Xun Rui, he had to take him as a teacher to learn this way of governance from him.

Yang Wu had a close relationship with his younger brother, Yang Wen; the two were only a year apart. He had heard his younger brother speak of Twenty-Four Volumes on An Opinion Piece on the Nation’s Disastrous Mistakes and Xun Rui more than once. It was just that he never imagined Xun Rui would appear before him—and with this appearance. It was indeed a surprising twist of fate.

Yang Wu stood up and bowed to Xun Rui, saying extremely respectfully, “So, you are Xun Rui, the senior who wrote Twenty-Four Volumes on An Opinion Piece on the Nation’s Disastrous Mistakes. Yang Wu has been impolite.”

This time, Xun Rui was the one who was shocked. “You really know an old coot like me?”

“My younger brother, Yang Wen, is one of your admirers. He once said that if he had been born ten years earlier, he would definitely have taken you as his master!” Yang Wu said honestly.

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