Chapter 0046: Tactician Xun Rui
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Apex War God Chapter 0046: Tactician Xun Rui

Cellblock 7, Smoke Signal Mountain Prison:

A bare-chested young man sat on a rocky mountaintop, allowing the early morning dew to condense on his body.

In the mountains, the temperature was always at the lowest between midnight and early morning. But this naked young man was undaunted by the cold. It was indeed an eye-opener.

The most surprising thing was that a small black dog lay on the young man’s shoulder. Like the young man, it was also unafraid of the cold, just obediently lying there, napping.

Who else could this young man be other than Yang Wu?

During yesterday’s battle, he expended all his strength and sustained severe injuries. But now, not only were his injuries fully healed, but he had also become stronger. Altogether, 81 acupoints were now open, getting closer to 108 acupoints.

Once the 108 acupoints were open, he would reach the Superior Grade Warrior Realm. Then, he could form a small cycle that would help the Profound Energy circulate faster, thereby significantly increasing his combat prowess.

Upon a closer inspection, not all the dewdrops on Yang Wu’s body were natural. He had pulled some from his surroundings. When these clear and cold dewdrops fell on him, he thoroughly absorbed them through his pores.

This amazing ability to absorb the energy from water was due to the Supreme Nine Profound Art.

After this paramount profound art got upgraded by the Nascent Profound Essence, it had become even more incredible. Yang Wu could clearly feel how outstanding this profound art was. If he could gather eight other Profound Essences, he would likely be able to achieve even things that surpassed his imagination.

Yang Wu did not think much about it at the moment. His current situation was not very good. The news of his exploits in cellblock 7 would spread. Those who wanted his life would not let him be. He needed to think of how to counter them.

The morning dew dwindled. The chill was starting to dissipate. The sun was rising, and with it came the propitious energy of daybreak.

Yang Wu was like a descended saint, his whole body limned with purple light. When his body directly absorbed this propitious energy, it was as if the peach-pit dantian encountered sweet spring water, guzzling it instantly. Wisps of purple energy also lingered in his thousands of pores, giving his whole body an invisible, indescribably noble air.

This propitious energy was so much more than what he had absorbed before. It saturated his opened acupoints, spinning in them and twinkling like stars, tremendously strengthening his body.

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