Chapter 0045: The Discontented Lie Ziying
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Apex War God Chapter 0045: The Discontented Lie Ziying

Cellblock 7 was deathly silent.

Not a single prisoner dared to speak; they were already hiding far away like locusts.

They had all witnessed the young man batter their boss’s body into pieces with his fists in the fierce battle just now. A vast amount of blood splattered the ground; a generation of prison bosses died violent deaths just like that.

Yang Wu remained standing in place. The little black dog on his shoulder growled softly as if warning all the prisoners in the area that cellblock 7 would have to listen to them in the future.

Yang Wu looked at Black Ape’s smashed corpse and sighed, “Don’t be so arrogant when you get to hell!”

After speaking, he went to pick up Black Ape’s cudgel and walked in one direction.

Xu Jiaohua, who lay in that direction, paled in fright. The severe injuries she received just now prevented her from running off like the other prisoners had. Seeing Yang Wu coming over, she did not bother covering up her blood-stained chest as she knelt and wailed, “I beg Master to spare this little lady’s life. This little lady is willing to do whatever to serve Master.”

Xu Jiaohua did not forget to tear her tattered blouse a little more, wishing she could expose her voluptuous bosom.

Yang Wu ignored her appearance and said indifferently, “I’ll let you be cellblock 7’s boss for now. Can you handle that?”

“What?” Xu Jiaohua was struck dumb. She suspected she had misheard.

“You’ll be cellblock 7’s boss!” Yang Wu repeated calmly.

“I…don’t… Why not Young Master do it?” Xu Jiaohua stuttered.

“Go settle the situation. You will be this viscount’s representative in the future. If you can’t do it, I’ll change to someone who can!” Yang Wu said as he waved his hand at Xu Jiaohua.

Following that, he no longer bothered with her and walked toward the mountaintop that Black Ape originally stayed in.

Xu Jiaohua watched that upright figure walk away step by step as she knelt on the ground, holding back tears; it was a long while before she dared to stand up.

Yang Wu ascended the mountain on foot. Only when he reached the summit did he spit out a mouthful of blood and slump down helplessly, his face several shades paler.

He had gone all out with Black Ape just now, using the Dragon Turtle Sea Flipping Art to suppress Black Ape thoroughly. However, Black Ape had evoked a formidable bestial nature and managed to strike him before dying, inflicting fresh severe injuries.

Sooty whimpered, feeling distressed for Yang Wu.

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