Chapter 0044: Beast Transformation
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Apex War God Chapter 0044: Beast Transformation

Black Ape was the leader of block 7 and one of the seven bosses of the entire mountain prison. His fighting prowess was exceptional, to say the least; if not, the rest would not have submitted to him.

He practiced an extraordinary General Class technique and had stained his hands with blood. He had reached the Consummate Grade Warrior Realm, with a cudgel as his weapon of choice. In fact, his cudgel was specially approved by the prison guards. It weighed five hundred kilograms, far heavier than what an average foot soldier could manage.

The gang leader evinced no fear in the face of Yang Wu’s challenge. After all, he had fought and killed his way to his current position since getting thrown into prison, so how could he be afraid of the young man’s challenge? He was confident of victory even if the latter looked to be his match.

“You can consider joining my gang. I’ll let you be the deputy, and everyone here—except me—will be at your disposal!” Black Ape made a sincere offer to Yang Wu.

The expressions of the rest of the gang, including Xu Jiaohua and Iron Head, changed instantly, but nobody dared to protest. Inside the prison, their leader had the final say.

Yang Wu walked up to him and laughed disdainfully, “I’m not interested even if you made me the boss.”

“Is there no room for negotiation?” Black Ape asked with a frown.

“There is! As long as you kneel down in submission, apologize to Sooty, and then bark like a dog, I’ll let this matter rest!” the young man replied.

“Alright!” The other man agreed without hesitation.

His words shocked all his followers, prompting Xu Jiaohua to exclaim, “Boss! No, you can’t!”

Black Ape ignored her protest and made to kneel before his young opponent. Just as his knees were about to touch the ground, his body tilted forward, and a cudgel appeared out of nowhere to sweep across Yang Wu’s legs.

One had to admit that this gorilla was extremely unscrupulous.

However, Yang Wu was well prepared this time. He leaped up to dodge the attack, thrusting out both palms with his spi

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