Chapter 0043: Sooty Protects Yang Wu
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Apex War God Chapter 0043: Sooty Protects Yang Wu

Who could have expected this young man—who had fought hundreds of prisoners and defeated Black Ape’s guardians—to be trounced by a dirty trick? After he was ambushed and hammered smack into the ground, his arms were broken and beaten to a pulp, obviously abolished.

It would not have been such a big issue if his arms had just suffered a simple dislocation. However, his bones were knocked out of shape, broken or cracked, at the very least. His upper limbs were rendered useless and would need the help of spiritual herbs to restore them.

And this was precisely why Black Ape, the very ambusher, finally relented in his attack without worries. To him, Yang Wu was as good as a fish on the chopping board, helpless and awaiting slaughter.

Enduring the excruciating pain, Yang Wu stared at the burly, towering Black Ape and scolded indignantly, “How can the leader of the Black Ape Gang lay an ambush like this? What a disgrace!”

Black Ape was incomparably strong. The scar-riddled muscles on his bare chest would prompt one to exclaim, “What a tough guy!”

The gang leader had been a Robin Hood who had broken into countless homes and committed all sorts of crimes. His hands were stained with the blood of a hundred people, or at least eighty, absolutely a ruthless person.

Looking down condescendingly at the young man, he said, “Scum, you’ve got to realize where you are right now. This is a prison, for goodness’ sake! Everyone here is shamelessly evil, and now, you dare to tell me off for playing dirty? Are you expecting to be lauded despite doing dirty deeds? How silly!”

“Boss, there’s no need to waste time on nonsense with him. Twist his head off and let us use it as a urinal!” Iron Head yelled while clutching his bloodstained head.

“We mustn’t let him die so easily! We’ll break open his skull, pour poison in, and subject him to nature’s elements so that he suffers a fate worse than death!” Xu Jiaohua cursed viciously.

The surrounding prisoners approached boldly this time, following suit with rowdy jeering.

Black Ape cross

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