Chapter 0042: One vs. Three
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Apex War God Chapter 0042: One vs. Three

Iron Head was a bald man, and his pate glimmered in the sunlight. As the first-ranked guardian, his cultivation had reached the Superior Grade Warrior Realm, only one step away from the Consummate Grade. He had been the boss of cellblock 7 before Black Ape, a testament to his abilities.

Drunken Ghost, a sloppy, middle-aged man, used to be a dipsomaniac, forgetting life and death in drink. Now that he had no alcohol, he was nothing but a sleepyhead with eyes that never seemed to open completely. However, he had a sharp and palpable ferocity about him.

Xu Jiaohua, Iron Head, and Drunken Ghost were Yang Wu’s last obstacles. Only by defeating them would he be eligible to approach Black Ape.

Xu Jiaohua was a sexy middle-aged woman who could attract both young and old. She held a pair of sharpened iron crowbars in one hand, essentially iron lances. Pointing the weapons at Yang Wu, with her thighs half exposed, she gave off a certain charm.

“Whoever stands in my way will die!” Yang Wu burned with battle hunger, and he could not care less that Xu Jiaohua was a woman. He rushed forward in large strides, slapping her with his palms ruthlessly.

He could already feel the common denominator between the Spiraling Waves Rending Palm Strike and the Dragon Turtle Sea Flipping Art. They were both water-attributed Profound Energy combat techniques, only the latter was more profound. With it as reference, the former was much easier and faster to understand.

Yang Wu wanted to take the opportunity to reach Proficiency in these palm techniques in one fell swoop.

“Huh, do you really think you can walk all over this great me?” After Xu Jiaohua snorted coldly, she put away her long whip, replaced it with the pair of short lances polished from crowbars, and stabbed at Yang Wu.

Twin Flowers Emerging from Water!

Xu Jiaohua’s attack was extremely precise. Sparks flew from the tips of her double lances, exploding as if they were after Yang Wu’s eyes.

Right when Xu Jiaohua made her move, Iron Head and Drunken Ghost sprang into action.

“This kid was able to kill off so many pieces of trash, meaning he is no weaker than us. We mustn’t take him lightly. Let’s work together to bring him down!” Iron Head shouted sinisterly.

Iron Head’s most powerful move was the Iron Head Technique, but he did not use it; instead, he slammed Yang Wu on the back with a fist technique.

Drunken Ghost approached Yang Wu with staggering steps. Concealed in his sleeve was a weapon, which he shot toward the young man’s vital organs.

The three attackers arrived together, but each had its own distinct Profound Energy.

All three were Superior Grade Warriors and could project their Profound Energy several meters. They all possessed Warrior Grade combat techniques, so their capabilities were far superior to the other prisoners’.

Yang Wu managed to deflect the attacks from Xu Jiaohua’s iron lances and Iron Head’s fists but not Drunken Ghost’s hidden weapon. He got stabbed in the lower abdomen, and black liquid oozed out.

“Haha, son of a bitch, you are dead!” Drunken Ghost laughed wildly.

Xu Jiaohua and Iron Head stopped attacking, looking delighted by Yang Wu’s misfortune. They knew that Drunken Ghost’s hidden weapon was the most poisonous of them all. In fact, they had attacked simultaneously to create an opportunity for Drunken Ghost to strike. Indeed, the young man before them fell into their trap.

Yang Wu felt his lower abdomen go numb, his movements stiffening. Touching his wound, he pulled out a poison cone, only to find that his blood had turned black. The situation was not in his favor. However, he did not panic because his flowing energy had stopped the numbing toxin from penetrating further into his body.

Once his energy had circulated through his body in a single cycle, the numbness completely disappeared. Even his wounds were healing. He was recovering at a speed that surprised even himself.

It seems that I have achieved not only an immortal body but also a body that is immune to all poisons! Yang Wu secretly rejoiced in his heart.

He didn’t know how mystical the peach pit in his body was. It was the peach pit that changed his physique.

Yang Wu did not continue fighting. Instead, he pretended to be in pain, stammering, “It’s… It’s poison!”

Drunken Ghost came over and proclaimed triumphantly, “Your realization came too late. Just wait. I will smash your skull into pieces and feed your corpse to the brothers. Let this be your punishment for hurting so many pieces of trash today!”

At this moment, Yang Wu moved.

His palms were like dragons, slamming into Drunken Ghost’s lower abdomen with a tremendous force that sent him flying seven or eight meters away and finally crashing on the rocks.

Blood spurted out Drunken Ghost’s mouth, and his eyes rolled up. In the end, he breathed his last, unreconciled with the situation.

Even at his death, he could not understand why his numbing hemotoxin had not worked this time.

Xu Jiaohua and Iron Head were dumbfounded, neither having expected the tables to turn this way.

Yang Wu stood up, patted the dust off his body, and said, “If you have any more shitty moves, just use them. This viscount will receive them gladly.”

At this moment, the sunlight hit the right angle, presenting a slender and straight figure.

“Iron Head, don’t hold back any longer; otherwise, Black Ape will be unhappy with us!” Xu Jiaohua said to Iron Head.

“Let’s give it all we’ve got. He must be running out of strength; he won’t last much longer!” Iron Head responded and finally used his Iron Head Technique.

His bald head flickered, and his aura gathered into a glow!

This Iron Head Technique was extremely domineering. Energy rushed out of the top of his head as he hurtled towards Yang Wu to collide with him.

The surprised Yang Wu dodged the attack. Iron Head failed to hit him, but the rocks behind him exploded.

Seeing that he failed to win in one move, Iron Head repeatedly attacked with the three-odd-meter-long projected Profound Energy combined with pale-yellow energy, looking like he was continuously bowing to Yang Wu. His attacks seemed unstoppable.

Golden Head Worshipping Buddha!

This was a Superior Grade Warrior Class combat technique, not much weaker than Inferior Grade General Class.

In each class of combat techniques, there were only three grades: Inferior, Medial, and Superior, and the higher the grade, the more powerful it was.

At this time, Xu Jiaohua no longer held back, knowing that if she did not stop Yang Wu, Black Ape might even tear her apart alive. He was a man who did not show mercy to women.

Cross Shred!

Xu Jiaohua was a woman, yet she was devious like a scorpion. Otherwise, she would not have been arrested and imprisoned.

She attacked viciously, and the might of her lance strikes did not pale to that of Iron Head’s Iron Head Technique.

Yang Wu was no longer armed with a crowbar, but his palms surged with Profound Energy. Wielding his palms, he defended himself against Iron Head and Xu Jiaohua. His realm was lower than theirs, but his Profound Energy was denser. However, he was in no hurry to defeat them, wanting to take advantage of their attacks to cultivate his Spiraling Waves Rending Palm Strike technique.

Yang Wu moved swiftly, employing guerilla tactics, executing the Spiraling Waves Rending Palm Strike again and again. The energy from his palms started to spiral. With one palm to force Iron Head back and the other to scatter the sparks of the lance strikes, he felt much more at ease.

Even with the combined efforts of Iron Head and Xu Jiaohua, they couldn’t defeat Yang Wu. They became more and more irritated.

The other prisoners watched anxiously, exclaiming inwardly, Why isn’t that kid’s strength exhausted?

Yang Wu had been fighting for more than two hours. With such intense exertion, even Consummate Grade Warriors would have been exhausted by now. Shockingly, the battle fanned Yang Wu’s battle hunger as it went on.

Both Iron Head and Xu Jiaohua appeared to be struggling, yet Yang Wu was still calm and relaxed. It was clear which party was stronger.

“We can’t go on like this. Let’s use our ultimate moves!” Iron Head called out to Xu Jiaohua.

Xu Jiaohua nodded, and a faint Profound Energy hovered above her voluptuous body. Her iron lances glowed with a special light and bombarded Yang Wu with concentrated lance images.

The lance images extended for about three meters, swirling with such rapid ferocity that they scattered the dust on the ground and sent rocks flying.

No longer holding back, Iron Head focused all his strength on his head. A large pillar shot out of his head, amazing and majestic like the figure of Buddha.

As the two powerful moves attacked, the two sets of Profound Energy shone with extremely dazzling light.

Warriors were considered elites on the battlefield, and the two people before Yang Wu were Superior Grade Warriors. Their combined assault would intimidate even a Consummate Grade Warrior.

All the prisoners watched the scene closely, wanting to see if the young man before them could withstand the combined attacks of the two Superior Grade Warriors.

Yang Wu realized his opponents were giving it all they had, so he no longer held back. He mobilized the energy of his peach-pit dantian, and Nascent Profound Essence erupted from its thousands of pores. Stronger Profound Energy accumulated on his palms, and an epiphany about his palm technique struck him. His palm strikes were like waves splashing; Profound Energy shot forth from both his palms, extending five meters to collide with the lance images and the Buddha figure.

Yang Wu’s palm technique reached Proficiency.

Bang! Bang!

Yang Wu was much stronger than Xu Jiaohua and Iron Head. Now that his palm technique had reached Proficiency, the force of his palm attacks was stronger, shattering both of his opponents. His palm landed on Xi Jiaohua’s chest, ripping her garments and revealing her fair and soft flesh. Unfortunately, it was soon stained red with blood. His other palm struck Iron Head’s head, denting his skull by a few centimeters and nearly exploding it.

Just as Yang Wu emerged victorious, a cudgel image suddenly fell from the sky with exquisite timing. The young man’s Profound Energy was depleted and had yet to recover. By the time he sensed it, he could only thrust his arms upward to greet the attack.

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This cudgel strike was mighty, comparable to a mountain pressing down. Yang Wu spewed a mouthful of blood, and his legs sank into the ground.

The opponent did not stop there. One blow after another smashed Yang Wu like a tide, wave after wave, threatening to kill him.

Yang Wu did not have his crowbar in hand, so he could only block the attacks with his arms, focusing his remaining strength there to protect his head.

The opponent’s attacks were so powerful that they almost broke the young man’s arms. He was in incredible pain.

When two-thirds of his body was in the ground, the opponent stopped attacking.

“Heh, a little brat like you dares to cause trouble before me, Black Ape. You’re truly reckless!” An extremely cocky voice rang by Yang Wu’s ears.


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Edited by: VampireCat

Checked by: DragonInWhite

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