Chapter 0042: One vs. Three
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Apex War God Chapter 0042: One vs. Three

Iron Head was a bald man, and his pate glimmered in the sunlight. As the first-ranked guardian, his cultivation had reached the Superior Grade Warrior Realm, only one step away from the Consummate Grade. He had been the boss of cellblock 7 before Black Ape, a testament to his abilities.

Drunken Ghost, a sloppy, middle-aged man, used to be a dipsomaniac, forgetting life and death in drink. Now that he had no alcohol, he was nothing but a sleepyhead with eyes that never seemed to open completely. However, he had a sharp and palpable ferocity about him.

Xu Jiaohua, Iron Head, and Drunken Ghost were Yang Wu’s last obstacles. Only by defeating them would he be eligible to approach Black Ape.

Xu Jiaohua was a sexy middle-aged woman who could attract both young and old. She held a pair of sharpened iron crowbars in one hand, essentially iron lances. Pointing the weapons at Yang Wu, with her thighs half exposed, she gave off a certain charm.

“Whoever stands in my way will die!” Yang Wu burned with battle hunger, and he could not care less that Xu Jiaohua was a woman. He rushed forward in large strides, slapping her with his palms ruthlessly.

He could already feel the common denominator between the Spiraling Waves Rending Palm Strike and the Dragon Turtle Sea Flipping Art. They were both water-attributed Profound Energy combat techniques, only the latter was more profound. With it as reference, the former was much easier and faster to understand.

Yang Wu wanted to take the opportunity to reach Proficiency in these palm techniques in one fell swoop.

“Huh, do you really think you can walk all over this great me?” After Xu Jiaohua snorted coldly, she put away her long whip, replaced it with the pair of short lances polished from crowbars, and stabbed at Yang Wu.

Twin Flowers Emerging from Water!

Xu Jiaohua’s attack was extremely precise. Sparks flew from the tips of her double lances, exploding as if they were after Yang Wu’s eyes.

Right when Xu Jiaohua made her move, Iron Head and Drunken Ghost sprang into action.

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