Chapter 0041: Palm Technique Reaching the Established Stage
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Apex War God Chapter 0041: Palm Technique Reaching the Established Stage

“Fight!” Yang Wu yelled in proud defiance, all geared up for a brawl. It seemed that his combative nature had been thoroughly provoked. He intended to fight to his heart’s content.

Currently, the Supreme Nine Profound Art was circulating at its maximum. His pores were opening and closing in unison, absorbing the wisps of natural Profound Energy the instant they appeared. The Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance also allowed him to absorb water-attributed Profound Energy through his soles whenever his feet touched the ground. At the same time, the water-attributed Profound Energy seemed to stick to the bottom of his feet; he felt like he was floating on water, able to move nimbly. His physique had never been better, recovering from injuries with astonishing speed. One could even say that he had an immortal body. This was especially so after he absorbed the Nascent Profound Essence, which allowed ordinary wounds to heal in a blink of an eye. Nothing could cause him much harm anymore.

It was amazing that the young man still dared to confront his attackers when they had him cornered. In the eyes of others, he had gone crazy. However, to a true-blue cultivator who pursued the strengthening of their martial path, this was the real test. Carving out a path of blood was how a fighter could exceed his limits and wield greater power.

“Slaughter him! Does he think he can really challenge us, the Black Ape Gang?” Fatty Dong commanded the rest of his men.

The guardian had wanted to recruit Yang Wu for his leader but was flatly rejected. Furthermore, the young man had also crippled Zhang Ping’s ten fingers, so no further negotiation was possible. The only thing the fat man could do was finish off the opponent.

“Kill him! You all must finish him off!” Zhang Ping shouted with frenzied eyes as he cradled his hands.

However, before the prisoners had a chance to surround him completely, Yang Wu had already seized the initiative.

Before he was brought to block 7, his ankles were chained. Hence, his movement was heavily restri

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