Chapter 0040: Breaking All Techniques with Brute Force
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Apex War God Chapter 0040: Breaking All Techniques with Brute Force

The approaching man was tall and lanky, his long, unkempt hair covering most of his face. His angular, reptilian eyes had a wicked gleam that deterred people from looking him in the eyes. Holding a crowbar that was twice as long as the usual, he sauntered over.

This man was one of the eight guardians under Black Ape, ranked fifth among them—Viper Zhang Ping. Although he was a Medial Grade Warrior, he was already close to the Superior Grade and definitely much stronger and more ruthless than Fatty Dong.

But what made him so dreaded wasn’t his strength but his penchant for raw human hearts. He was notorious for swallowing live human hearts; thus, other than a select few inside block 7, everyone else was afraid of him. After all, he might dig out and consume one’s heart if one got careless.

Fatty Dong glanced at Zhang Ping before saying to Yang Wu, “Young man, the chance only comes once. If you don’t agree, this human heart-loving guy beside me won’t hold back.”

Zhang Ping flicked his tongue and commented, “Fatty Dong, you’re trying to prevent me from having a good meal, aren’t you?”

“It’s a pity for a young man like him to die!” Fatty Dong shook his head regretfully.

Yang Wu wasn’t interested. Right now, he was raring to continue the battle. He had been refining the large volume of bloody aura suppressed inside him. Furthermore, the earthly spirit spring infused into his skin was also being refined. The only way for him to direct these precious energies to his dantian was through fighting, which would accelerate his growth in power.

“Stop your nonsense. Just come for my heart! Who knows, this viscount might get your heart first.” Yang Wu crooked his index finger provocatively.

“Hehe! How bold! I’ll send you to your death!” Zhang Ping cackled sinisterly and dashed toward him in short, staccato steps, accompanied by a hiss as he crossed the ground. His movement was slick and ethereal, much like a snake, as he drew closer to Yang Wu.

It was a Medial Grade Warrior Art—Coiled Snake Footwork!

This move was Zhang Ping’s trademark. The chains on his legs did little to slow him; he was right in front of Yang Wu in a blink of an eye and stabbing the long crowbar in his hand toward the latter.

The nickname of Viper suited the opponent, indeed. This thrust was unusually sharp and tricky, his crowbar going straight for Yang Wu’s throat like a striking snake.

This attack came fast and furious; even a Superior Grade Warrior might not be able to avoid it with a lapse of attention.

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