Chapter 0039: Bloody Battle of the Prisoners
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Apex War God Chapter 0039: Bloody Battle of the Prisoners

Cellblock 7:

Densely populated with prisoners, the rocky terrain in this cellblock was that of dangerously steep mountains, overgrown with weeds.

At the entrance, a young man holding a crowbar was under siege from a group of prisoners. It was a tumultuous scene, indeed.

“Finish off this fellow! Do not let him live to see another day in cellblock 7!”

“If we do not get rid of this menace today, our cellblock will be the joke of the other cellblocks!”

“Damn, he’s too fierce! We can’t stop him!”

“Ah, my hand is br— Broken!”

The prisoners broke out in an uproar and incessant screams, some in outrage and some in fear, but regardless of their emotions, they could not stop the young man.

Faint Profound Energy emanated from the young man like armor as thin as a cicada’s wings, forming a natural defense and blocking the damage from the onslaught.

Warriors could cover their bodies with Profound Energy, but this young man wore his Profound Energy like a cicada shell—an indication that he was close to achieving Profound Armor, an ability unique to Consummate Grade Warriors.

This young man did not look a day older than sixteen yet possessed such terrifying power.

In fact, he was only a Medial Grade Warrior.

Like a ferocious tiger, the young man grew fiercer with each strike, streaks of lights bursting from his crowbar as he fought. No one could get within three meters of him, as he was moving with a rampant momentum, sweeping in all directions.

“Come on, in the eyes of this viscount, you are nothing more than little farm animals!” The blood in Yang Wu’s body rushed like a raging river, and his battle hunger surged within him. He threw himself into battle, enjoying the feeling of liberation.

“You little ugly things, how dare you show such insolence before this viscount? Lie down in defeat!”

“Hurry up! Call that Black Ape of yours to come and surrender to me, and I may spare his life. If not, your fate will be his fate!”

Blood splattered everywhere. Profound Energy swept through the air, creating an extremely domineering aura.

In Yang Wu’s current tempestuous state, he was truly mighty—like a war god.

Now, the thousands of pores of his peach-pit dantian emitted a constant multi-colored glow, and its Profound Energy seemed inexhaustible. While supplying him with energy, it also repaired the injuries he had sustained in battle. The pain from this process only fanned the young man’s fighting spirit and bloodthirst.

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