Chapter 0038: This Viscount Has Always Convinced People with My Virtues
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Apex War God Chapter 0038: This Viscount Has Always Convinced People with My Virtues

Cellblock 7 was deep inside Smoke Signal Mountain, with heaps of strange cliffs and jagged rocks. Hence, the chances of finding Scarlet Steel Rock were much higher.

The prisoners here weren’t fewer than in block 68; in fact, it housed more felons than the latter. Besides the prisoners from the Xia Dynasty, there were also captives from the barbarian tribes. All of them were at least Consummate Grade Foot Soldiers; the chains on their legs were twice as thick as those used in block 68. These were shackles that a man could not break with pure brute strength.

The Black Ape Gang ruled the prisoners here, and Black Ape, one of the seven big shots, was also assigned to this block.

It wasn’t to say that those imprisoned in block 7 were weaker than their counterparts in the blocks ahead of theirs. The prisoners within these few blocks were all on a par, except for blocks 1 and 2.

One could thus imagine how strong Black Ape was to be hailed as one of the seven big shots in the entire mountain prison.

When Yang Wu reached block 7, he saw many tough and strong felons digging hard. Their speed was considerably faster than that of the prisoners in the block he came from. The rocks were flying at rocket speed as they dug along, a solid testimony to their power and strength.

Several prisoners glanced over when the young man arrived on the scene. They all had a frivolous look in their eyes, obviously thinking very little of this fledgling.

“This guy here looked so tender. I wonder if he had his ass deflowered? If not, I don’t mind having a go to see how it feels.”

“Old Yellow Head, don’t scare the boy off with your gaping teeth. Let me try him before you.”

“All of you should watch out. This fledgling was brought to our block, so he is probably a wicked fellow as well. Don’t get bitten instead!”

“When someone comes to our territory, be it a dragon or a tiger, he has got play along with us, or he’ll go to hell!”

All these prisoners were sexual deviants, and there was no shortage of homosexuals. Their speech was downright filthy.


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