Chapter 0037: The World Is a Treacherous Place
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Apex War God Chapter 0037: The World Is a Treacherous Place

Night fell.

Outside the stone hut, a person spoke out of the blue, which startled Yang Wu. This was especially so when he had yet to regain his senses after opening the acupoints on his palm and forcing out the remnant energy from the Spiraling Waves Splitting Palm.

“Who’s there?” he exclaimed in fright.

“There weren’t many who were familiar with him in the prison, even fewer who would address him as good nephew.” The speaker seemed to know him well, which led him to think of a particular person he had met this morning. Still, he was not entirely sure.

Just as I expected! the young man exclaimed inwardly when the man walked into the hut.

The man looked at Yang Wu and teased, “What’s the matter? Don’t you recognize Uncle Meng anymore?”

The young man replied with a somewhat disgusted frown, “I wouldn’t dare claim a connection with Commander Meng!”

The visitor was none other than the Eagle Knights’ third-in-command, Meng Helang.

Not taking the young man’s sarcasm to heart, the senior merely replied impassively, “It looks like you still blame Uncle Meng.”

Looking away, Yang Wu said, “I don’t have the courage for that. I’m just a lowly prisoner while you’re the third commander of the Eagle Knights. My life would be forfeit at your command!”

Meng Helang mocked himself, “I know what you’re blaming me for. You fault me for not standing up for your family when the Yangs met with trouble, right?”

“I wouldn’t dare!” The young man continued to speak without looking at him.

“Hah…do you really think I would abandon the brotherhood with your father, my sworn brother?” Meng Helang heaved a sigh before continuing solemnly, “The disaster was totally unexpected. It was too late by the time I found out about it. I wanted to go to the imperial court to plead for leniency for your family, even at the cost of my position. However, your father told me not to involve myself when I met him. Furthermore, he also hoped I could look after the two of you down the road. I can only lament the loss of your brother’s top scholar title and the waste of his talent!”

Yang Wu stared at Meng Helang as the latter spoke, trying to determine the truthfulness in the older man’s words.

“Since my father told you not to get involved, do you have any news about my younger brother now?” he asked.

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