Chapter 0036 The Future Is Ours
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Apex War God Chapter 0036 The Future Is Ours

The stone hut was merely a pile of stones, so under the power of the King’s attack, its stones flew toward the eight eagles.

The condescending attitude of Meng Helang and the other Eagle Knights changed. He commanded his subordinates to smash the stones flying toward them.

They were all Superior Grade Generals, each one extremely capable. They released waves of Profound Energy from their hands and smashed the stones to pieces. However, the King’s attack was so strong that they almost fell off their eagles, flustered. Only Meng Helang appeared relatively unfazed.

“Are you trying to kill this King?” Wang Jiuzhong drawled as he looked up at Meng Helang and the others while standing below.

Beside him stood Yang Wu, Skinny Monkey, and Barbie. As they looked at the mighty Wang Jiuzhong and felt his breath, their expectant faces lit up.

Is this how Kings do it? Yang Wu murmured in his heart. Had I possessed such domineering power, wouldn’t I be able to conquer the Xia Dynasty and make the archduke fear me?

Skinny Monkey clenched his fists, thinking to himself, If only I could have such strength one day!

Under the nourishment of the earthly spirit essence, he had made speedy progress. His injuries had almost fully recovered, and he had gained four more stones of strength, only one stone away from reaching the realm of Consummate Grade Foot Soldier.

As for Barbie, although she was of humble birth, she understood that if she could fly over walls and cross the sky, she could protect herself better.

I’ll cultivate the Eight Immortal Barbarian Art well. I must be stronger than this man, so that I can protect my young master! Xiao Man resolved, earnest and determined.

“You want to kill this King?” After Wang Jiuzhong drank from the real earthly spirit spring, he had regained a tenth of his strength, and his King’s aura was stronger than when he had been in the bloody altar. He was utterly fearless while facing this battalion and the eight eagles in the sky.

He turned his ruthless gaze toward Meng Helang and his troops and forced the eagle spirits to land a distance away.

Meng Helang jumped off his eagle and saluted Wang Jiuchong with a cupped fist. “I am Meng Helang, the third commander of the Eagle Knights of the Xia Dynasty. May I inquire this lord’s name and why you appeared in the mountain prison?”

“You are not worthy to know this King’s name. Take your people and scram; otherwise, I won’t think twice about drinking all your blood!” Wang Jiuzhong said with a gruesome grin.

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