Chapter 0050: Killing the Wolf General
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Apex War God Chapter 0050: Killing the Wolf General

Being unjustly imprisoned was supposed to be a dead end for the young Yang Wu, ultimately leading to a miserable death. However, the situations coming one after the other in the prison gave him room to breathe, recuperate, and become stronger. When the opportunity came, he would definitely get out of this place and cast off his prisoner label.

Yang Wu did not want to divert so much of his attention to the wolf spirits invading cellblock 7, but he could not bear to watch so many prisoners get bitten to death gruesomely. Plus, he wanted to use this opportunity to consolidate his current strength, hence the scene Wan Lanxin witnessed.

Wan Lanxin was not shocked by Yang Wu’s strength, just happy to know he was doing well.

Theft is never good, try looking at

After slaying the wolf spirit, Yang Wu felt a gaze on him. He turned around to look in Wan Lanxin’s direction. Seeing the beauty riding on the leopard made his mind wander.

Among his childhood friends, his favorite was Little Snot-Nosed Bug, who always followed him around. Another of his favorites was this big sister, whom he listened to the most. She had the air of a gang leader—straightforward, enthusiastic, candid, and generous. More importantly, he liked looking at her perfectly matured body, which had a fatal attraction to him as a young kid.

Wan Lanxin was too busy to chat with Yang Wu, as wolf spirits still lingered in the area, causing more casualties. “Massacre the wolf spirits!” she commanded, raising her spear.

Wan Lanxin spurred her leopard into action, charging toward the nearest wolf spirit and leading her men into battle.

Yang Wu did not want Wan Lanxin to get hurt. Although she was a General, the wolf spirits’ numbers were increasing, so he needed to relieve some of her pressure. He turned to the surrounding fleeing prisoners and shouted, “Whoever helps with killing the wolf spirits will have free food for three days straight on me!”

Yang Wu had taken over Black Ape’s stockpile of Scarlet Steel Rock, which could be exchanged for food. This bounty was a huge incentive for any prisoner.

Most of the prisoners in cellblock 7 were only in the Foot Soldier Realm, but finding Scarlet Steel Rock in this area was no easy task. Their lack of basic provisions was not a problem that martial strength alone could solve.

Xu Jiaohua had barely acquired her position as a puppet leader and certainly did not want to lose it so soon. Naturally, she reinforced his message. “Everyone, if you follow what the young master said, we can eat grilled wolf meat tonight.”

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