Chapter 0051: The Unexpected Appearance of a Human King
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Apex War God Chapter 0051: The Unexpected Appearance of a Human King

Wan Lanxin quickly shoved a medicinal pill into Yang Wu’s mouth. Worried about his situation, she nagged, “Brother Wu, don’t be so reckless next time!”

At that moment, she could not tell what kind of feelings she had for Yang Wu—was it a sibling-like relationship or something else?

In any case, she felt like her heart had been torn apart seeing Yang Wu in his current state.

Yang Wu swallowed the pill and circulated his profound art to digest it rapidly and activate its medicinal properties. He could heal himself, but with the help of the pill, his wounds healed even faster.

“You are my big sister. Obviously, I couldn’t just sit and watch when you were in danger. You can help me up; I’ll heal in no time!” Yang Wu said with a sincere smile.

“Stupid little brother!” Wan Lanxin chided with watery eyes and helped him sit up. Then, he started regulating his breathing and energy as he said, “You don’t need to worry about me; I’m just drained. Go take care of your matters!”

Wan Lanxin hesitated. “Alright, take care of yourself properly, then. Don’t push yourself!”

Wan Lanxin was injured herself, but her duties did not allow for a break. She had to clear out the wolf spirits in the area despite her wounds.

Fortunately, the prisoners in cellblock 7 were fired up after Yang Wu promised free food, working together to kill the wolf spirits. Although there were casualties, they managed to kill most of the wolf spirits due to their numerical advantage.

The prisoners’ help lightened Wan Lanxin’s load, but there were so many wolf spirits that the task felt endless. Furthermore, more wolf spirits appeared as time passed.

At this point, Yang Wu managed to return to his feet. Furthermore, he had also opened another eight acupoints. He now had a total of eighty-nine acupoints open, and his strength had increased instead of faltering. His physique and the rate at which his strength grew were truly frightening.

When he reached 108 acupoints, he could become a Superior Grade Warrior. Yang Wu wanted to use this occasion to temper himself as much as possible and make that breakthrough.

Thanks to the energy in his body and the pill, his wounds were already seventy percent healed. He picked up a crowbar, recalled what Xun Rui told him, and used the wolf spirits as practice targets to further enhance the strength of his Rainstorm Spear Art.

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