Chapter 0024: Venturing into the Bloody Pit
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Apex War God Chapter 0024: Venturing into the Bloody Pit

“Lie Ziying, what do you think you’re doing?” Already in a foul mood, Wan Lanxin lost her temper completely when she heard the way Lie Ziying lashed out at Yang Wu.

“Who is he? How can you be so casual with him?” Lie Ziying demanded.

"What I do with others is none of your business. Get lost! I’m going into the bloody pit after my father.” The woman brushed Lie Ziying off. She was not overly fond of him in the first place, considering him condescending.

The man’s expression sank at her sharp retort. Taking a deep breath, he replied, “It’s not safe yet. You can’t just recklessly barge in.”

“I’m not asking for your opinion. Let me through, or I’ll make you regret getting in my way,” Wan Lanxin growled, taking up her spear and pointing it at Lie Ziying.

“Lanxin, you know I only have your best interests in mind. Do you not see my sincerity?” he pleaded with her.

Just as she opened her mouth to reply, Yang Wu interjected. “Big Sister, let me speak with this uncle.”

Lie Ziying was not pleased with being referred to as “uncle.” His only consolation was the implication that the relationship between these two was one of siblings. It was the only thing that stopped him from erupting with rage.

Realizing that Yang Wu, who was quite street-smart, might be able to convince the man, Wan Lanxin did not interfere.

“Uncle, I am Big Sister Lanxin’s younger god-brother. I’ve heard that my uncle is in grave danger, so I’m asking you to allow us through. I see that you’re fond of my big sister, which is all the more reason not to stop us. Doing so would just repulse her. In fact, shouldn’t you help her save her father?” Yang Wu earnestly tried to persuade the man.

Born to a wealthy family, Yang Wu had encountered all kinds of men and women. He could see this man’s lust for Wan Lanxin. Hmph, he should take a good look at himself. Doesn’t he realize that he’s aiming for the moon? Yang Wu silently despised Lie Ziying.

The young man’s announcement relieved Lie Ziying of his suspicions. He knew Wan Lanxin well enough to know that she would not allow any man near her unless they were related in some special way. Lie Ziying had no reason to doubt Yang Wu’s claim, and although he had no idea where this younger god-brother had come from, he realized Yang Wu had a point.

“I’d like to let you both through, but right now, it's too dangerous to get near the pit. Not even Warden Wan and Deputy Warden Zhao escaped unharmed, so it’d be pointless for the two of you to enter. You’d just risk your lives for nothing,” Lie Ziying slowly explained.

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