Chapter 0023: This Feels like Flying
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Apex War God Chapter 0023: This Feels like Flying

Pine trees stood straight and proud, surrounded by luscious flora and fauna in a particular courtyard within the mountain prison. The trees gave it a secluded feel, making it a serene escape from the rest of the prison. Surrounded by spiritual energy and the song of spirit birds, it was an ideal place to nurse one’s health.

Yang Wu woke in a room connected to this courtyard, and as he did, he was assaulted by an excruciating headache.

Sitting up, he realized he was still in Wan Lanxin’s bedroom. Under the reek of alcohol, he caught a whiff of a woman’s sweet, tender fragrance. When he looked down, he noticed he was no longer wearing the clothes he had on the night before. He also noticed claw marks on his skin. Recalling how they had downed one bottle of liquor after another, he jumped out of bed. Did Big Sister Lanxin take advantage of me?

He examined the clothing he wore. His pants were still tight around his hips, indicating that his virginity may still be intact. Yang Wu slapped his cheeks a couple of times, trying to remember, but nothing of the night’s events came to him.

“Crap. I’m done for this time. Regardless of what actually happened, it’s undeniable that I’ve ruined Big Sister’s reputation. What should I do?” Yang Wu muttered to himself, frustrated, before sitting with crossed legs to force the remaining alcohol out of his system.

As he circulated the Supreme Nine Profound Art, he quickly purged the last of the alcohol. The numerous pores in his peach-pit dantian absorbed and released energy, the surrounding energy appearing like a celestial realm. As it gushed through his twelve major meridians, the pure Profound Energy nourished his muscles and organs, and it spun in whirlpools when it reached the acupoints in his feet.

After an hour of meditation, Yang Wu got to his feet and dressed. He examined his feet, now free of shackles, and reveled in how light and carefree he felt. Since he had time, he decided to stay in the room and take up the Dragon Turtle Water Suppression Stance. He already knew that the stance worked in perfect harmony with the Supreme Nine Profound Art, and by combining the two, he could circulate his power faster and stronger than ever before.

Not long after taking up the stance, he felt water at his feet. His dantian greedily soaked up the water-attributed Profound Energy, puffing wisps of mist through its pores. The energy flowed easily to his twelve major meridians, and they began to chime.

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