Chapter 242 - Take It
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“What the hell do you all think you’re doing!?” an incensed Yaomu Shou erupted in anger.

Mina who was still engrossed in the manga chose to give her own two cents on the matter. “To be fair, within a few minutes of meeting Long Di the urge to draw weapons is mighty strong.”


Nao Shan was the one who chose to explain their actions, “Lady Yaomu Shou I can only assume you’re not aware, but this Long Di is a heinous criminal who is supposed to be killed on sight!”

I paid special attention to this Nao Shan not because of his riveting personality, but because of his appearance.

This is a demon that I’ve seen before actually.

He was a Gu demon, just like Commander Da Jun back in Thousand Emo Valley. The only difference was that the disciple here was a pure-blooded Gu demon, and it showed based on how the bone spurs he sported were aligned.

Gu demons, or rather pure-blooded Gu demons and not the ones of mongrel or mixed blood that the Commander was known to be, were a prominent clan of the demon race. Yaomu Shou talks about this stuff a lot so I learned things from her that I normally wouldn’t give a damn about.

Nao Shan had black bone spurs that ran along the ridge of his back, in addition to smaller bone spurs that took residence where hair normally would have been.

The way they grew made it seem like he had the thickest locks of hair that would make even the most adept of Rastafarians nod in admiration. Now I know that comparison might seem random but I have been in some less than mainstream parts of the internet.

If one looked closely, one could see faint runes on each bone spur. These were bloodline runes unique to those of the Gu demon lineage.

It was nothing like Commander Da Jun who was of mixed blood. His bone spurs were far more brittle compared to Nao Shan, and he had little to no runes either.

“Just get away from us!” Nao Shan yelled.

“Do you really want to do this?” I asked him before raising my hand.

“W-What are you planning to do!?” Everyone backed off when they saw my actions.

“You spoke like you’re dif

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