Chapter 241 - What Is A Race?
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Then, as if on a mission to derail their already turbulent train of thought, he thrust them into the cultivation world’s equivalent of the Great Train Wreck of 1918 by asking. “Has anyone ever had diarrhoea to the point where your butt swells shut thus causing any fart to bounce back in your body?.... Asking for a friend…”


Night had by now descended, and the demon race experts were sitting around a fire. They were still licking their wounds from the earlier battle, especially Nao Shan.

Mina was with them but she was much too absorbed in the manga to pay them any heed. Gotta admit though, girl has embodied what it means to be an otaku. I wonder if I can create a pair of glasses with swirls on them to complete the look.

Then again, that does sound racist. Are Otakus a race? Yeah, Otakus are a race. On that note, I wonder if it’s racist to say that. Meh… I’ll deal with it as is.

A short distance from those guys was Yaomu and me, the former of whom was wagging her index finger furiously at me while I looked at her with complete attentiveness and happiness bereft of any apathy and indifference because I’m such a well-adjusted and mentally stable person.


So yeah, this was most likely because of the question I chose to ask right after defeating the Thunder Dragon Rhino, which I’m pretty sure is something everyone has gone through at least once in their life, right?

She was already at it for a few hours if the fact of it already being nighttime wasn’t a big enough indicator.

They also eyed the great silver sabre that was stabbed into the ground around the fire.

I could tell that everyone there was staring at it with some level of greed. Gotta nip that in the bud cuz lemme tell ya, I need me some of that.

Nevertheless, when Yaomu Shou finished scolding me, she finally brought me over to introduce me to everyone else.

“Everyone, this is Long Di,” she introduced.

They all took a long look at me in silence and I was gonna say something lest our old friend the tumbleweed rears its ugly head again until someone firsted

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