Chapter 240 - Without A Scratch
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Long Di's heart nearly dropped when this happened as he looked over to where Yaomu Shou and the others were.

“Get away! Run as far as possible!”


He injected as much emotion into his voice as possible, which was none, but the volume of his cry instilled a feeling of danger and a need to move within them.

She grabbed Nao Shan who was mostly immobile and in an imperial manner commanded everyone here!



She didn’t wait to see if they followed her save for Yaomu Baiyin who didn’t question her orders and took off at full speed.

Two of the other demon race experts took up the Mountain and Sky Shield since Nao Shan was too injured to carry it before running off with the rest.

They had only just arrived where Mina was who saw them just as her gaze landed on Long Di and his situation, which prompted her to put the manga away before she proceeded to haul ass and get away from the blast zone as fast as possible.

“Long Di, if we die here I’ll kill you!” Mina yelled as she ran with all her might. What other goddess ever had to run this much!? Long Di was a plague, a plague!

Seeing this, Long Di was still full of apprehension, as their rate of escape was too slow.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless minor explosions stole Long Di’s attention as he looked back over to see the air exploding in several areas around the Thunder Dragon Rhino!

The pressure it radiated was enough to even cause space itself to shudder, and its power only rose as time went on.

“Well, you’re just a vindictive son of a rhino aren’t you!?”


As if answering Long Di’s question, the lightning that Long Di knew it had used up before returned with a vengeance!

Long Di was clearly aware of what this was. The Thunder Dragon Rhino ignited the blood qi in its body to draw out the latent potential power left in its body, and not just any blood qi, the dragon blood qi!

This brought its power and strength to a point that was past its peak!

Space being broken down in such a way was a sign that it was approaching the realms of a rank 5 magical beast, which w

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