Chapter 239 - Fighting The Thunder Dragon Rhino
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 239 - Fighting The Thunder Dragon Rhino

Not just the demon race experts, but even Yaomu Shou opened her eyes wide in shock.

“Wait, is this sabre intent!?”


Because Long Di re-condensed the sabre after it was destroyed, he was able to see just where he fell short and brought it to a point much closer to that of a true sabre.

As a result, more sabre intent could now be imbued into the sabre-ish replacement.

This sudden increase in the amount of sabre intent truly allowed those nearby to see how talented Long Di was.

Its destructive intensity birthed feelings of fear and trepidation in the hearts of these demon race experts.

They felt like if they got too close, just the wind that it generated would tear them apart!

Pu Ci!

Blood flew as the Long Di’s sabre cleaved through the many wounds the back surge of lightning inflicted on the Thunder Dagon Rhino.

The Thunder Dragon Rhino’s eyes reddened in rage at Long Di.

How dare this ant push it this far!?

The modicum of dragon blood that flowed through its veins gave rise to a sense of pride that it couldn’t be humiliated no matter what!


The colossal feet of the Thunder Dragon Rhino came barrelling down where Long Di had landed his latest blow!

“Holy Moly!”

It was like a million elephants suddenly materialised on his back.

This wasn’t any spatial or spiritual lock, this was pure weight condensing the air around Long Di to the point where it became hard for him to move or even breathe.

He struggled to get out from under the approaching blow!

He was aware that if this blow landed, then there would be nothing left of him! Veins popped on his forehead, legs and forehead, but his efforts were for nought!

The bottom of the Thunder Dragon Rhino’s enormous foot touched the first strands of his hair. This allowed him to see just how powerless and how far his somatic essence cultivation base could bring him.

Not seeing any other choice, he called upon his sea of spiritual force to command the Crimson Horizon Earth Flame.



Suddenly, the Crimson Horizon Earth Flame on his body whi

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