Chapter 238 - A Sabre-ish Replacement
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Long Di simply raised his sabre in a challenging posture as he asked, “Got another one in ya?”


As if answering his questions, the rhino took off in a dead run toward Long Di, and he did the same.

Long Di wasn’t in the best shape at the moment. That earlier attack had nearly gored him through.

The defences his sabre, the robes, and his meagre peak Cauldron Forging somatic essence empowered body wrought was only just barely able to help him keep his life.

Even though the part where the Thunder Dragon Rhino had hit had already been covered up courtesy of the regenerative abilities of the shadow silk, he amassed several startling internal injuries all the same!

Blood seeped from the side of his mouth and the violent qi of this rank 4 overlord class magical beast made healing a taxing undertaking.

Shing! Shing! Shing!

An oscillating ring rang out as the Thunder Dragon Rhino’s horn flashed a bright light!

When Yaomu Baiyin saw this, she nearly passed out from fright. That attack the Thunder Dragon Rhino unleashed earlier nearly killed them!

Yaomu Baiyin turned to Yaomu Shou and, seeing the latter not taking the current undertaking seriously thought that she didn’t witness the rhino’s power earlier.


“Yaomu Baiyin…” Yaomu Shou called out to her and started off towards the severely injured Nao Shan.

She looked over her shoulder at the frightened young Yuan demon and said with a smile. “Trust your big sister and go do what I tell you to do.”

Seeing the utmost calm her elder sister possessed, Yaomu Baiyin also felt embarrassed and wondered if she overreacted. Without her even realising it, she eventually calmed down as well. Whatever it was, it seemed that her lady Yaomu Shou knew this mysterious flaming existence and had absolute confidence in it.

If it was something that Yaomu Shou had confidence in, then the same should be expected of her as well.

She ran off to distribute the medicinal pills to everyone in a bid to help them recover.

Even if that mysterious existence was able to kill the rhino, it was bound

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