Chapter 237 - Don’t Half-Ass It, Whole-Ass It
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 237 - Don’t Half-Ass It, Whole-Ass It


A surge of flames erupted from his body in an explosive blazing inferno before a portion of it wreathed him in its cloth entirely.


“I’m glad you’re going all out,” said Yaomu Shou with a slight sense of relief. When he stopped playing around, Long Di was pretty reliable.

His current appearance was heroic and awe-inspiring. It was as if he was the very Heavens, commanding the Crimson Horizon Earth flame, bending it to his will.

He was like a blazing god of war bathed in fire. Yaomu Shou and Mina had made sure to retreat the instant he stood up earlier, knowing he was about to get started.

The Crimson Horizon Earth Flame heat alone immediately set fire to nearby trees and dried out the ones beyond. The roar of the flames was like the bellow of an enraged beast!

The earth in particular cracked as the moisture within it had been sapped away. Obviously, Long Di was allowing the Crimson Horizon Earth Flame to run rampant a bit.

Long Di shrugged. “Well, you know what they say. Don’t half-ass it, whole-ass it.”

“I highly doubt that’s what they say!” Yaomu Shou yelled from afar.

Long Di shook his head and got ready. Not allowing anything more to distract him, he got down and ready… literally. Long Di’s body went real low, as if assuming the stance of a tiger that had locked onto its prey.

In an instant, despite the lack of an expression, his demeanour changed, which affected everything around him. His current state was so austere that the environment itself forgot its nature to pay him heed.

No winds howled, and no roars were heard. Heaven and earth went still as an intense aura unfurled from him.

Yaomu Shou was shocked upon witnessing this. Just Long Di’s presence alone made him seem like an entirely different person!

His many fights against the Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbits gave him a surplus of moves to draw from. However, it also instilled in him the conduct and nature of an elite warrior.


All nine of his cauldrons exploded into existence behind him.



He shot off a

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