Chapter 236 - The Trope Of Calling Lightning Thunder
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 236 - The Trope Of Calling Lightning Thunder

However, Long Di shook his head. “That’s not a Mammoth Thunder Rhino. That thing is the unholy matrimony of rhino and dragon.”

Yaomu Shou’s brain blew a fuse when he said this. “Come again!?”


The knowledge hewn from the bestiary he read was now showing its usefulness.

“It’s the Thunder Dragon Rhino. Look there.” he then pointed to the rough patches that were all over.

When Yaomu Shou looked closer, she saw that what she thought were rough patches of its skin were actually tiny silver scales.

Of course, Yaomu Shou knew of the Thunder Dragon Rhino, but being able to tell the difference between magical beasts wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially when some were so similar to each other, she had to admit that Long Di was useful in his own right.

“Of course, the bestiary said nothing about the ornate nature of its horn,” he added, paying attention to the lightning flickering on its horn.

Contrary to its name and Long Di’s out-of-pocket description, the Thunder Dragon Rhino was neither a member of the dragon race nor even a distant cousin.

However, because its bloodline contained trace amounts of dragon blood, more accurately the Deiform Thunder Dragons’ blood, this allowed it to undergo a type of mutation.

Nevertheless, even though the magical beast only had trace amounts of dragon blood in its body, that was enough to make it a powerhouse among magical beasts of the same realm.

With that being said, this was an overlord class rank 4 magical beast!

In fact, the modicum of dragon blood rushing through its vein granted such a boon to its strength that it wasn’t inferior to some early-stage rank 5 magical beasts.

As a result, not even Star Core Martial Masters would carelessly engage in fights with such an overlord-class rank four magical beast.

Of course, the more than a dozen demon race experts fighting the Thunder Dragon Rhino could give a firsthand account of this.

Based on the aura they gave off and the cauldrons they featured, these experts were all within the Core Formation realm and the early stages of th

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