Chapter 217 - History Of The Mofang Dao
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Why does everyone want to run everyone’s fades in this world? I’m surprised they’re not all extinct!

“Why did you want to kill her?”


“That was a Mofang Dao!” she said matter-of-factly with hands thrown up in the air.

“You say that like it explains everything. Tell me what that is and I might actually care that she is a Mofang Dao.”

“IT!” she stressed this word as she refused to recognise the Mofang Dao as a person. “Is a thing that is to be wiped out on sight!”

“Oh, really now?”

“Yes, really!” it would seem my lack of urgency in this regard seriously annoyed Yaomu Shou.

“Do tell…”

I was poor you see, and didn’t have enough Fs to give, but I still advised her to explain.

To make sure that I was in the know, Yaomu Shou explained what warranted her behaviour in this situation.

A little over a thousand years ago, the Mofang Dao were on a meteoric rise to power, seemingly out of nowhere.

Their older generation was using cultivation techniques and martial techniques at the low-rank and peak low-rank heaven-grade. Which is a big deal by the way.

One must know that only top-grade powers such as the Ten Great Sects would have access to heaven-grade martial or cultivation techniques. Even then, they would only be at the low rank at most.

So for many members of the Mofang Dao to suddenly have such high-grade cultivation methods and martial techniques confused many of the powers present.

Eventually, the most powerful of the Mofang Dao came together and created an exclusive Mofang Dao-only sect, and this sect was practically unrivalled.

It was quickly approaching even the ranks of the Ten Great Sects.

To establish their prestige and unshakeable reputation, they were extremely vengeful. Offending any Mofang Dao or, even worse, any members of the sect itself would incur swift retribution from them. This caused their members to be arrogant and unreasonable.

Mercy would bring a slow death to the offender, whilst a lack of such would result in clan extermination.

This ensured that very few powers would dare t

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