Chapter 218 - Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 218 - Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit

When Yaomu Shou and I saw what it was that attacked me, we were both taken aback. It was a rabbit, a rabbit larger than any rabbit had any right to be.

“An Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit?” Oh yeah, I read about this guy in the bestiary. Boy have I wanted to get my hands on one of these.


“You know about it?” Yaomu Shou was surprised. It seemed that Long Di’s knowledge of magical beasts was no longer simple.

Long Di shrugged in response. “I’m more or less done with the bestiary I got. I don’t think I know everything though since I have yet to see hair or hide about the Pandas in it. Chances there are several volumes which would make sense.”

He paused for a bit before continuing. “This is a tricky beast to deal with because of their numbers. Luckily, I’ve only attracted one. Let me deal with this one.” Long Di wanted to fight the magical beast alone.

Yaomu Shou drifted off to the side where Mina was reading. She sneaked a peek at what Mina was reading and her eyes lit up shortly after.

She didn’t worry about Long Di’s safety. Sure, this magical beast was a rank three and could cause problems for cultivators of the same rank, but Long Di was a super genius who could fight above his realm, so she didn’t need to worry about him.

Instead, she kept one eye on Mina’s manga and the other eye on the other burrows to avoid getting ambushed by a fluffle of Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbits.


Suddenly, the Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit’s eyes snapped open. They were white with red dots scattered all over.

“Those are the polka dots that give it hyperkinetic vision, huh? I see.” Long Di saw how the polka dots shifted in seemingly no discernible manner.

Hyperkinetic vision was a type of ability the Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit possessed. It allowed it to notice the most imperceptible of movements from its opponents.

For example, if you were to flip a coin and asked anyone to tell you what side faced up at the height of its ascent, a normal person would have to guess the answer. However, Hyperkinetic vision would

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