Chapter 219 - Training With The Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 219 - Training With The Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit

Long Di made a mental note of this. Rabbits do not skip leg day.

“Alright… let’s give that another try then, shall we?” Long Di stared straight at the Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit and beckoned it with his index finger, daring it to come.


The Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit took this as a form of provocation and shot after Long Di with the previous method of attack.


The ground blast apart under the force of the Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit’s hop!


Long Di executed the same dodge style to avoid the punch when he sensed a similar kick approaching.

He deftly used his free hands to slap the upper part of the leg to evade its blow. The Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit was surprised that Long Di found a way to resolve its starting assault so quickly.

However, this was not all it had up its sleeve. Its elbow turned into a bludgeoning weapon that aimed straight for Long Di’s temple!

Long Di kept an eye out for the next move, knowing that this Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit wouldn’t have only these moves at his disposal.

His head lowered to avoid the blow, only to see a palm blazing towards his face.

“Nope…” he said to himself as his head reeled back to evade the palm when the hair on the back of his neck stood up.


Long Di saw the palm trail off and instantly deduced… it was a feint!

However, before he could react, a deafening blow rocked him in the back of his head.


He was dazed and found it hard to regain his bearings.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Before long, a tumultuous pounding befell Long Di.

Kicks, elbows, knees, punches, headbutts, and ass-collisions came one after the other like a wave-filled sea.

If you never knew what it looked like for an oversized pink rabbit to wail on an eleven-year-old boy, then consider that scene ticked off on your bucket list. Because it was happening here in all its brutal yet hilarious glory.

Long Di was unable to retaliate against the assault. He was being knocked around by the Overly Bombastic Brawler Rabbit like the world’s dullest ping-pong ball.

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