Chapter 216 - Mofang Dao
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“Then let’s do it!” Yaomu Shou stated.

We all exited the little clearing we found and as soon as we were out of the valley, we headed in separate directions.


So, Yaomu Shou, Mina Tempesta and I were making our way through the forest we were in. It didn’t take long until we came from there and happened upon a plain, unlike the one we were in at the beginning.

It was a boundless plain of crackled yellow earth that looked as if it was ravaged by war.

“It looks like we chose the path that exited the forest first,” Yaomu Shou commented.

“Quick question,” Mina chimed in. “How about everyone else? I mean we did fight a giant bird monster that even Long Di had trouble dealing with. Is everyone else going to be fine?”

Yaomu Shou chose to answer this question. “They should be fine. Powerful magical beasts like that are normally guarding spiritual herbs and the like. As long as everyone else doesn’t go for those and just looks for weapons, they should be fine.”

“Good to know,” Mina smiled. “I don’t want them to get hurt after all. I can’t survive with Long Di alone after all.”

“I have done nothing wrong this entire time,” I told her, while I was drawing on a piece of paper. That’s right, I became part-mangaka all of a sudden.

We got to moving on and the minute we took a step forward, Mina and Yaomu Shou’s expressions fell.

There was a dense aura present that weighed on them… and me too, but these things didn’t affect me much. Based on their reactions, I could tell it was suffocating and hard to breathe.

A heavy trace of resentment hung in the air, a sort of air that spoke of spirits that didn’t wish to die.

“A war…” Yaomu Shou subconsciously commented.

“Is it that grand war that everyone’s always commenting about?” I asked her.

Yaomu Shou shook her head, “I don’t know.”

“Too far back?” I won’t lie, I have a fair share of admiration for Yaomu Shou. Her knowledge of the history of this world was to be commended.

Yaomu Shou shook her head. “Nah… I slacked off.”

Aaand that admiration fell a few levels…


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