Chapter 215 - Let’s Split Up
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“Aw, that’s nice. Now before we leave, how about we have Xiannu Liang heal Shen Ling before we run off and commit all sorts of anarchy.”

As soon as I said this, our collective attention turned to the Nymph in the room who nodded with newfound confidence.


“Alright give me a moment,” Xiannu Liang once more assumed the lotus position she held for the better part of a year. Gotta give the girl props for dedication.

I got bored like way earlier, which is why my attention spanless ass was doing so many things. I blame social media for that.


Her cauldrons burst into existence around her and we could feel the spiritual energy in the surroundings rushing towards them.

The cauldrons spun at high speeds as Xiannu Liang rushed to get herself back to a hundred.

In just a few moments, she was back at her peak. She then nodded at Shen Ling and I’m pretty sure I lost IQ points when I saw the gesture.

“Oh my sweet summer child, when it comes to the display of intelligence you take the road less travelled don’t you?”

Her brows furrowed in confusion. “What are you—”

“She’s blind dear.”

Her cheeks reddened when I said that. Couldn’t say I felt bad about it. I swear I saw the same thing happen to Toph in Avatar more than once.

If this is what blind people go through on the daily then they have my condolences.

Yaomu Shou didn’t say anything and wordlessly led Shen Ling over and sat her down with her back facing Xiannu Liang.


Once they were ready, Xiannu Liang placed her hands on Shen Ling’s back and an eruption of energy exploded from her.

I won’t lie to you, Xiannu Liang was really not ugly and right now that was even more so the case.

Her green vine-entangled hair took on a lustrous glow and her porcelain-like creamy skin glowed as well. Her eyes shimmered with an emerald radiance that lit up the surroundings with a soft green glow.

Her gentle energy could be seen moving from her to Shen Ling’s body before it collected in the area around the latter’s eyes.

Shen Ling’s eyes were closed at the m

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