Chapter 214 - The Location Of The Spiritual Artefacts
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 214 - The Location Of The Spiritual Artefacts


Long Di clapped his hands to grab everyone’s attention. “Alright, since we’ve all made leaps and bounds forward in our cultivation, let’s get some spiritual artefacts.”


“Do you know where to go to find any weapons?” I asked Yaomu Shou after a while.

She thought for a moment before she answered.

“The legends say that there was a huge war that caused a huge number of experts to die here. The resentment you feel in the air is probably because of that. The laws in this world were so impacted by it that it made the Spiritual Bingqi Realm a very unusual place.”

“How so?” I asked her, thinking that I could never get enough of lore. Speaking of, man do I miss Film Theory.

“Well, now this place births weapons somehow,” she answered like that just made perfect sense.

How does this place birth weapons!? If it’s the mother who’s the father? Why haven’t these questions been asked yet? Goodness!

She went on, “Every time this place opens, the spiritual artefacts are present but in different ways.”

“Spiritual artefacts?” Jia Yan heard this term again and wanted to know more.

Yaomu Shou nodded. “Weapons that are far more powerful than the secular weapons you’ve been using,” she explained.

Jia Yan also grew interested in hearing about this and took out his battle-axe. “What’s the difference between them?”

“They’re able to handle a lot more power than secular weapons.” Yaomu Shou explained. “Think about Long Di’s bronze sabre, which is a high-grade black-rank weapon. It’s no longer usable because of his power. If he was using the appropriate spiritual artefact, it could easily support his power.”

“My family owned a spiritual artefact once.” Zi Yu piped up. “It was lost long ago. But when I heard the elders talk of it, they said it could unleash a torrential storm of blades to rent their enemies asunder.” She spoke of it with an air of longing.

My head swivelled around to her a bit too fast might I add, but whatever.

“So… So no one is gonna say anything about how she’s talking as if she remembered a long-lost lover when in r

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