Chapter 213 - Leaps And Bounds In Cultivation
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 213 - Leaps And Bounds In Cultivation

It wasn’t every day that they could enter such a place, so they wanted to use it for what it was worth.

It was obvious at a glance that what befell the whole realm was the calm before the storm.


To make the most of his time, Long Di had effectively become a multitasker, since he had so many things to do.

He had to read through the formation books and scrolls he got from Yang Fuyou, and the herbarium as well. Not to mention the ores Yang Fuyou got for him as well.

He used those to practise his forging skills once he needed a different perspective. He was even able to create some rudimentary sabres out of them as well. Not that they were good enough for battle or anything, but gaining experience in this aspect wasn’t bad either.

The different perspective he gained from it was invaluable as well.

When he wasn’t doing these, he was cultivating the Foundation Body Tempering Art. He realised something extremely surprising as well.

As of now, Long Di was in an odd place with his somatic essence cultivation.

As was seen, his body, or rather his bones were at the Sapphire stage. However, his somatic essence’s quantity and quality were far above where they should be.

Going by normal standards, he should still be working on his Eleven Tempers, to bring them all to perfection and repeat them over and over again until his cauldron reached the appropriate grade. However, because of the Execution Lightning he used to accommodate his cultivation, his strength was beyond that.

Sure, the jump was cheating at this stage, but one must remember that Long Di effectively underwent tribulations that shouldn’t have taken place until he was at the Core Flame Fusion Realm at least.

Taking this into account, it starts to make sense why his somatic essence cultivation rose as quickly and swiftly as it did.

This was something he only realised once his body fully digested all the benefits of the Heavenly Execution and he started to cultivate the Foundation Forge Body Tempering Art once more.

He first realised it outside the Spiritual Bingqi

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