Chapter 212 - Calm Before The Storm
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“Tell me whatever you need.”

Xiannu Liang smiled. “I’ll take you up on that.”


Following the decision to give Xiannu Liang all the Ever-Dew fruits, she quickly got started.

With the fruits laid before her, she immediately took a bite out of the first Ever-Dew Fruit. When her pearly teeth broke the skin of the fruit, a gush of juice burst forth!

However, Xiannu Liang seemed to expect this and only made a slight hole in the skin. Yet even with this, the juice came out with an eruptive force.

As she drank from the fruit, the size shrank until it shrivelled up into a desiccated flap of fruit skin. Surprisingly, Xiannu Liang took even the skin of the fruit and ate it up.

After a while, Xiannu Liang had finished the entire fruit, and she quickly went into a meditative state.



A burst of energy exploded from her body along with eight cauldrons spinning at a rapid pace behind her.

They were all green and glowed with energy as they worked to regulate the energy within Xiannu Liang’s body.

“I forgot to ask. What’s up with her cauldrons?” asked Long Di.

Yaomu Shou had little knowledge about the Nymphs but tried her best to answer, “I’m not a 100% sure, but I heard that the higher-ranking members of the Nymph race possess a bloodline cauldron.”

Long Di’s brow furrowed at this. “So it’s not a special grade?”

Yaomu Shou shook her head. “Special-grade cauldrons only come to those with a special-grade physique. There are other physiques that can come about because of a unique bloodline and certain members of the Nymph race have this bloodline so strong within them that it affects the formation and composition of their cauldrons. These unique types of cauldrons are called bloodline cauldrons.”

“Oh,” Long Di nodded in understanding. “So these green cauldrons came about because of that? Interesting. Wait, does that mean she’s a princess or something?”

Yaomu Shou smiled but shook her head. “The Nymphs don’t have a governmental structure like that. Even though they are one of the five major races, the

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