Chapter 211 - Allocating The Ever-Dew Fruits
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Another World Trip: Journey with My Cat and an Otaku Loli Goddess Chapter 211 - Allocating The Ever-Dew Fruits

Long Di’s brow rose a few levels, as not even he could have foreseen this outcome.

He couldn’t help mumbling to himself. “Did I just become a strange uncle?”


“Long Di!” A cry echoed out, shaking Long Di from his stupor.

He looked to where the cry came from to see the group surrounding Shen Ling. He could see bright blood streaming down her face as she lay unconscious.

Upon seeing this, Long Di went silent and immediately, the temperature of the surroundings fell by a few degrees.

Mina, who was mostly expressionless during all this, opened her eyes in shock when she saw what was happening.

‘No way… is he?’


A bright light flickered on and off her body, the power of her divinity was pulsating in intensity.


A monstrous killing intent pervaded the space. It was cold, emotionless, and terrifying!

Not to mention Yaomu Shou and the others, even Mina, who was affected by very little in the mortal realm, felt a heart-wrenching trepidation in the face of this.

“H-How is this possible? He shouldn’t be able t-to…” her words trailed off into silence. The reality muted her.

They trembled in fear as they had never felt it as real as they did right now.

Sure, the Shidashi Mao’s killing intent felt wild, feral, and unrestrained. This killing intent, however, was chillingly calm and boundless.

All eyes turned to Long Di, the progenitor of this intent who was as impassive as ever. He leapt from the tree before lightly landing on the ground.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Every step he took forward was like the prelude to a slaughter. Each footstep caused a wave of killing intent to wash over everyone.

The Monarch Gale Crow in particular, who was the recipient of this killing intent, was twisting in a panic as it could finally feel the danger that Long Di posed to it.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t move from where the Heavenly Levyance Execution Lightning spear impaled it. Long Di’s spiritual force gave and held its form.

While it infiltrated the Monarch Gale Crow from a rather questionable entryway, it exi

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