Chapter 210 - Strange Uncle
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An air-tearing whistle rang out as a spear composed of Heavenly Levyance Execution Lightning flew towards it!



When the Monarch Gale Crow heard the air being torn apart, its eyes shifted to the spear shooting toward it.



Its intuition caused it to swerve as it dived, narrowly dodging the Heavenly Levyance Execution Lightning spear.

“Crap…” Long Di cursed as he lowered his hand.

This lightning was drawn from his Profound Myriad Heavenseize physique and given form by his spiritual force.

None of these depended on his spiritual qi. However, the drawback was that he needed more time to create it and that damn bird was able to dodge it in time.

‘Its reaction is too quick. I need to slow it down a little, but how?’

Suddenly, an idea came to mind. He turned to one person in particular and, feeling his stare even in this situation, she looked back.

As if knowing what he was thinking, she quickly nodded and got to work.

Grateful for this, he got to work on creating another spear in peace.

Everyone was now out of options, as the Monarch Gale Crow was practically upon them.


Its beastly aura bore down on them without reserve. The pressure alone caused the somatic essence circulating within them to slow to a crawl!

It was too powerful, and its ability to fly gave it an unfair advantage in this fight. No martial techniques they had could reach it.

Yaomu Shou took shaky steps forward, standing in front of the group with her fists pointing forward. She didn’t have her sword since she yeeted it way over yonder. That being said, fists were the next best thing.

If she was gonna die, then she might as well be a badass while she was at it!

Jia Yan felt his cheeks blush red at being protected by a girl and so he clenched his teeth and came forward too, axe-less and fistful as well.

Inspired by their bravery, several steps forward were made. If they were gonna die, then cowering in fear was a shameful way to go.

They locked gazes with the Monarch Gale Crow and stood their ground.

‘Come, get some!’



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