Chapter 209 - Monarch Gale Crow
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“Popular consensus states that this atrocity came to be by you simply existing. Are you willing to cease and desist?”

“Screw you!”


Up above, a behemoth of a beast was diving towards them.

It was similar to a crow with its pitch-black feathers, beak, talons, and eyes. The wind could be seen parting in front of it, bringing its speed to new heights.

A terrifying pressure descended on the group, shocking them and almost requiring the need for a few new pairs of robes.

Yaomu Shou looked to Long Di still in the tree, “Pick the rest of the fruits! I’ll draw its attention!”

Long Di looked at her for a moment before nodding in agreement. “Be careful.”

Seeing that Long Di continued picking the fruits, the fire of the Monarch Gale Crow’s anger was stoked!


With another cry, it suddenly halted its descent with its wing outstretched!

Xiannu Liang’s face paled in fright when she saw this. “Everyone get down!”

No one asked any questions. They all instantly crouched down and Long Di hugged the branch he was on with full strength!

The Monarch Gale Crow’s wings shuddered and the air all around went still before…


A strong wind descended upon everyone present!

Everyone could see rocks, patches of grass, and even plants being lifted by the wind!

“Ugh!” Jia Yan, touted to have the greatest raw physical strength relatively speaking, was having trouble keeping himself in place. His axe was currently lodged in a large boulder.

The veins on his arms and forehead were bulging as time went on.

The fierce wind was attempting to sweep them from the ground.

“What’s happening!?” Yaomu Shou could barely keep her eyes open under the constant buffeting of the winds. Most of her rapier had already dug deep into the ground, anchoring her in place.

Zi Yu, who had nothing to secure herself with, grabbed hold of Yaomu Shou and held on for dear life!

“It’s one of the Monarch Gale Crow's special abilities!” answered Xiannu Liang who was wrapped around the waist by several layers of vines.

Jia Yan, whose axe was lodged into a near

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