Chapter 30.2: Ten Billion Is Enough (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 30.2: Ten Billion Is Enough (2)

“Surely it’s impossible for him not to be exposed?” Ji Fanyin got straight to the point. “Without the suspense from the constant threat of being exposed, the movie would lose its greatest charm.”

“But don’t you think that the premise is pretty interesting?” asked Cen Xiangyang. “Actually, I’m quite curious since you and your younger sister are twins too. Are the two of you able to act as one another impeccably to the point where it’s impossible to tell the two of you apart?”

He didn’t receive an answer right away because the waiter served their first dish then.

It was only after the waiter left that Ji Fanyin finally answered his question, “I’m quite curious about that too, but we have never tried that before.”

“I thought that twins would put their identical appearances to full use and swap places with one another,” Cen Xiangyang replied with a regretful sigh.

He was indeed feeling a little regretful as Ji Fanyin was turning out to be a difficult catch, just as he had expected. However, he had no plans on giving up. He was determined to reel her in by hook or by crook.

So, he decided to take a step back and attack from another angle. “Song Shiyu told me about your affairs the other day… I heard that your parents are a little biased?”

The earnestly eating Ji Fanyin stopped what she was doing.

She raised her head, looked at Cen Xiangyang, and said with a smile, “Director Cen, don’t you think that your roundabout way of speaking is a waste of time for adults?”

Cen Xiangyang was choked up by her straightforward rebuttal for two seconds before he was able to slowly reply, “It looks like you’re a smart person too. I’ve already heard about your affairs from people who know you. Your parents only dote on Xinxin, making you an invisible person in the household. It’s almost like they only have a single daughter… Is that true?”

“Yes, that’s true,” replied Ji Fanyin with a distracted nod.

Cen Xiangyang realized that Ji Fanyin had just taken away the most tender piece of meat from the torched marble goby fish: “…”

He paused for a moment before proceeding with his script, “Don’t you want to become Ji Xinxin and be as loved as she is?”

Ji Fanyin raised her head to present a surprised look and said, “No, I want to enter the Forbes’ wealthiest people ranking. I don’t expect too much, just ten billion… No, 9.8 billion would suffice.

Cen Xiangyang narrowed his eyes and asked slowly, “You’re denying it, but isn’t that what you’re doing with Song Shiyu? Or are you trying to say that… it’s fine with Song Shiyu but not with anyone else?”

“Anyone else?”

“With me.”

There wasn’t a hint of surprise on Ji Fanyin’s face. She rested her chin on her hand and said, “Carry on.”

“This is a good thing for both you and me,” said Cen Xiangyang confidently. “We can both get what we want. You’ll obtain your younger sister’s happiness, and I’ll attain the sense of satisfaction I seek.”

“That’s not right.” Ji Fanyin shook her head. “The order should be reversed. I can give you the sense of satisfaction you want, and I’ll obtain what I’m seeking.”

“How’s that any different?” Cen Xiangyang was unbothered by her seemingly meaningless argument on semantics.

“What I want is not the happiness of others,” said Ji Fanyin. “What I’m looking for is something simpler and far more practical.”

Cen Xiangyang sensed that he was gradually losing power over the flow of the conversation, and the loss of control made him feel a little anxious. “… What is it?”

“Director Cen, don’t you pay the actors who work for you?”

“…” Cen Xiangyang was silent for a few seconds before he finally grasped what Ji Fanyin was getting at. He stared at her in disbelief and exclaimed, “You want money?”

No. No no no no! How could my Ji Xinxin possibly be obsessed with dirty money?

“Is there a problem with that?” asked Ji Fanyin.

Cen Xiangyang suddenly thought that Song Shiyu was very pitiful. “… Song Shiyu paid you as well?”

Ji Fanyin crossed her hands and said, “I’m afraid I can’t answer that question.”

Cen Xiangyang: “…”

The conversation had gone down a different direction from what he had expected, but the endpoint looked to be the same. At least they did manage to exchange their views and expressed their interest to proceed with this transaction.

Things still looked optimistic thus far.

It was just that Cen Xiangyang couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong as he paid for the meal.

It was only when he walked out of the restaurant and saw a couple of people giving out flyers about a gym membership that it finally struck him.

She’s really viewing this as a business? It feels like she’ll be even more vicious than gym memberships when ripping off her clients.

Ji Fanyin put on her coat as she asked him, “Would you like to have a look at the fee structure?”

“…” Cen Xiangyang felt like a plump lamb who had caught the eye of a wolf.

But he was the one who first raised the suggestion, and he did want to entertain himself with this imitation while Ji Xinxin was away.

So, Cen Xiangyang’s eyes curled into a smile, and he said, “… It’ll be fine as long as you ensure that it’s value for money.”

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Not too long after the two of them parted ways, Cen Xiangyang received the so-called fee structure from Ji Fanyin. He checked the document’s last edit and noted that it had just been reviewed not too long ago.

What would lead to her reviewing her fee structure in recent days?

With this thought in his mind, Cen Xiangyang opened the document and was immediately met with a series of detailed rules. It really looked like the fee structure of a legitimate company.

On top of that, the most important part was placed obediently in the middle of the document, almost like a wolf hiding amidst a pack of sheep.

When Cen Xiangyang saw that the prices started from 100,000 dollars per hour: “…”

This is almost on par with top-tier celebrities! Is Song Shiyu really paying her this sum or compensating her with his body?

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