Chapter 12.2: I’m Getting Off Work Now (2)
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100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in Chapter 12.2: I’m Getting Off Work Now (2)

Ji Fanyin had considered the places Bai Zhou would be interested to visit, but this completely caught her by surprise.

Despite being a hot-blooded youth born with a golden spoon in his mouth, his choice of location ended up being a historic place where only middle schoolers would go to—a neoprint booth.

The moment Ji Fanyin found herself standing before a neoprint booth, she failed to keep her expression in check for a brief moment and ended up revealing her true emotions. Unfortunately, Bai Zhou happened to see it.

“Cut the crap and do what you’re paid to,” he muttered angrily as he pushed Ji Fanyin into the booth. 

Ji Fanyin sat dignified on the chair inside and curiously pressed a few buttons.

God knows how long it has been since I last touched a neoprint machine. 

The long-legged Bai Zhou squeezed in right after, but he ended up looking a little awkward as his tall stature left him with hardly any space to place his legs between the chair and the screen. 

Neoprint booths were known to be cramped, but despite two grown adults stuffing themselves in, they still somehow managed to create two fists worth of awkward space in between them. 

“How do you want to take the picture?” Ji Fanyin courteously enquired about her client’s request.

Bai Zhou cleared his throat and said, “Don’t talk. Just listen to my instructions.”

He first paid for the machine by scanning its QR code before smacking the buttons haphazardly. What eventually came out was a photo of the two of them sitting rigidly before the camera. The distance between the two of them was too conspicuous to ignore.

Bai Zhou looked at the neoprint and frowned in extreme discontentment.

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“Would you like my help?” Ji Fanyin kindly offered for the second time.

She could tell that Bai Zhou was a newbie with neoprint booths. 

“No need!” Bai Zhou snapped angrily. “Sit closer to me!”

Ji Fanyin inched over as he had told her to, but before she could get within a fist’s distance of him, he had already started shifting away himself. It was just that there wasn’t much space for him to retreat to. He ended up being awkwardly squeezed to the corner of the seat with a stiff look on his face.

Ji Fanyin thought that his reddened face looked rather interesting, so she clicked on the ‘Snap Photo’ button.

It was also at the same time that Bai Zhou couldn’t stand it anymore and pushed Ji Fanyin away from him, whispering fiercely, “Don’t get so close to me!”

So, Ji Fanyin backed away a bit and raised her hands in surrender. “You don’t want to get too close or stay too far. Why don’t you tell me where I should sit instead?”

Bai Zhou pointed to the camera and grumbled, “Your hand gesture.”

Ji Fanyin glanced at his posture and was immediately amused by the ‘V’ hand gesture he was putting up. She copied what he was doing, but it was starting to get hard for her to suppress her laughter anymore. 

Is this how middle schoolers date?

“Stop laughing!” roared Bai Zhou.

So, Ji Fanyin finally reined in her laughter and looked at the camera.

An actor had to be able to bring out different dispositions regardless of the facial features they were born with. Ji Fanyin was able to play Ji Xinxin’s character, but her facial features were actually not the gentle type. 

Her sharp eyebrows and plump lips made her look cold and lofty whenever she wasn’t smiling. 

Bai Zhou stared at the screen over and over again, but he simply couldn’t help but feel like something was very wrong here. He was intending to use Ji Fanyin’s face to take a photo of him and Ji Xinxin so that he could stash it away. 

The problem was that Ji Fanyin felt completely different from Ji Xinxin the moment she dropped her act.

What’s the use of taking this photo if the two of them don’t feel like the same person?!

Bai Zhou took in a deep breath and said, “I’ve changed my mind. Continue your act.”

Ji Fanyin sighed softly before abruptly placing her arm on Bai Zhou’s shoulder, saying, “Look at me.”

Bai Zhou’s eyes swam around for a bit before finally looking at Ji Fanyin straight in the face. He stared at her intently, but at the same time, it looked like he was struggling with it too.

Ji Fanyin smoothly raised her hand to brush Bai Zhou’s hair to the side while quickly snapping a few consecutive shots. Before Bai Zhou could even process what was going on, everything had already ended. 

He was just about to blow his top when Ji Fanyin picked up the neoprints and showed it to him, asking, “How is it?”

Bai Zhou’s was immediately drawn to the couple reflected in the neoprints. He stared at it for a long moment before abruptly snatching it over and stowing it into his pocket. “So-so. Let’s continue.”

He seemed to have gotten completely addicted, paying again and again to take more photos. 

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