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ZL - Chapter 912 - Duke Suiding

Chapter 912 - Duke Suiding

Luo Xun also frowned. No matter what, he probably didn't expect that I would go around him and directly make his son Lochlan the Emperor, right?


  Luo Xun interrupted, "Lochlan doesn't have experience and his prestige in the Tian Ling Empire is zero. You can't. If Lochlan becomes the Emperor, many people will be unhappy and there will definitely be blood rain!"

  Qin Ye also said, "That's right. Young General is inexperienced and isn't suitable to be the Emperor!"

  Xiahou Ren said, "That's right, we all are unhappy! The masses probably won't listen to Young General if he is the Emperor!"

  "The masses won't listen to him?!" I looked at this bunch of people and laughed, stabbing the Country Protecting Blade into the stone floor. Then I took out the Saint Heaven Jade that Pearl gave me, "If I support him with the Country Protecting Blade to protect the country and also this Saint Heaven Jade from Pearl to order the troops, do you still think people won't listen?"

  As I said that, I looked toward Luo Xun mockingly, “Duke, you don't even trust your son. How much do you crave the throne?"

  Luo Xun's face turned ashen white; he kept silent for a while and then said, "Then let's make Lochlan the Emperor!"

  I nodded, "Are there any objections?"

  Everyone nodded. Even Baili Ning didn't say anything.

  Lochlan said excitedly, "General Li, you really are willing to make me the new ruler?"

  I nodded, "Can I even fake that?"

  Lochlan smiled, "Then General Li mustn't forget to teach me sword techniques..."

  I couldn't help and nearly laughed out loud again. This kid was so anxious about the sword — even when the war was about to start, he was still thinking about learning the sword from me. His thinking was really simple: such a person wouldn't make mistakes like Rob and Owen, right? However, Duke Luo Xun was his father and this was something I worried about. Should I find a chance to kill Luo Xun, would that benefit Tian Ling City?

  Not far away, Baili Ning cupped his fists, "Your Majesty Lochlan, since you like fighting so much, why not make General Li your master? Then you can properly learn from him!"

  Lochlan said excitedly, "Can I?"

  Duke Lochlan coughed like he wanted to stop. I quickly said, "Of course you can. You are now the Emperor and tomorrow you will go through the ascension ceremony. You don't need to care about what others think. You have the power over all of Tian Ling Empire. Just follow your heart and do what a wise king should do."

  Lochlan said, "Okay, then... Then I will make General Li my master!"

  Baili Ning smiled and said, "General Li's contributions are the top in the Empire. Congratulations, Your Majesty, for having such a good master! However, since Your Majesty has made Li Xiao Yao your master, you should give him a proper title. As a Commander in Chief, he wouldn't be able to be your master."

  Lochlan smiled and asked, "Then what does Old Ning suggest?"

  "Make him King."

  The three words were like a heavy hammer that smashed people's hearts. Baili Ning added clearly, "Only be giving him such a title will he have the proper rights to do so. General Li has created so many miracles and defeated so many enemies. With his contributions, no one will object to him becoming King!"

  I instantly looked at Pearl's master differently. He was actually asking for rewards for me, what a good fellow. I wouldn't need to worry about not being able to rise up with such a person as him.

  However Marquis Louis' reaction was unusually intense, "Old Ning, that isn't appropriate. The twenty-seventh generation Ruler mentioned how other surnames shouldn't become Kings. Making Li Xiao Yao King would be inappropriate. We are bullying the King for being new!"

  Baili Ning said, "Times change. Before Owen died in battle, he had already promised to make Li Xiao Yao the King. All the soldiers heard and saw that."

  "Those are just rumors!" Qin Ye held his sword and stepped up and said, "I also think you shouldn't make him King. Other people can't become the King... That's the teachings of the ancestors, so how can we forget?"

  Lochlan was uncertain, turning towards his father. Luo Xun coughed and said, "Li Xiao Yao really has done a lot, but he can't be a King. Why not... let Li Xiao Yao become a Duke?"

  Baili Ning smiled, "That's okay too."

  I laughed to myself. Baili Ning, this old fellow, really was shrewd, directly asking for the King's position for me because he knew they wouldn't agree. Now he managed to make me a Duke. Otherwise, I'd only become a Marquis like Lingnan and Louis.

  Lochlan said solemnly, "Since General Li is already my teacher, then I will call him Master Li. However, if we make him a Duke, then what should I call him?"

  Baili Ning cupped his fists and said, "Your Majesty, now that everything is in chaos and the Northern Hybrid Demons are about to attack, the seven empires are in chaos. The powers in the world have lost their balance. The Jiuding has been broken, but General Li also has the hopes of Pearl on his body and he will unify the world. General Li will be the one to end this terrible situation. I suggest to make him the Suiding Duke, how about that?"

  "Suiding Duke... Suiding Duke..."

  Lochlan repeated the name twice and smiled, "Good, this title is good. Master Li, I will make you Suiding Duke. What do you think about that?"

  I cupped my fists and smiled, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

  At this moment, a bell sounded out from the system, there were actually benefits...


  System Notification: Congratulations Xiao Yao Zi Zai for obtaining the Suiding Duke title in the army quest system. The Duke will be granted a salary every month: Level +1, Gold +100,000, Charm+30, all affiliated NPC troops will gain +50% attack, and the number of people you can command will increase by 200,000!


  I was so delighted that I couldn't close my mouth. Drunken Spear walked up, patted my shoulder, and smiled, "F***, a Duke has so many benefits. Remember to take care of me in the future! My Country Protector General salary isn't even 10% of yours. Moreover... yours can even increase NPC combat strength. The Royal Army's combat strength is so overpowered!"

  I nodded and smiled, "Yeah, I also didn't expect the rewards to be so good."

  Not far away, Enchanted Painting licked her lips, "Xiao Yao Zi Zai's army strength and position really climbs quickly. Boss, how long are you going to last as a Major? Xu Wei died in battle and you still haven't become a General. If Long Zhong dies, the Fire Dragon Army probably won't go to you either..."

  Fang Ge Que was calm, "I am 40% away with my merit points, there is no need to be anxious..."

  I looked towards Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting and said, "Xue Jing, your sister Xue Rou has deleted her account and left [Zhan Long]. Do you know where she is?"

  Enchanted Painting shook her head, "I don't know... But you caused her to become like this, so you must get her to come back."

  "Actually, Fang Ge Que was the one who did that."

  Fang Ge Que had an apologetic expression on his face, "I don't know what to say. If she disappears like this, I will blame myself for the rest of my life..."

  I laughed expressionlessly, "Don't say such words. If I can find her, I will bring her home. She will always be our Mocha and not Xiao Yao. She knows she made a mistake so it isn't much of a mistake either."

  Fang Ge Que didn't say anything, "..."


  At this moment, Dragonling Army General Qin Ye cupped his fists, "Since Li Xiao Yao is already a Duke, shouldn't your father who led the strongest Rongdi Army be rewarded too? Moreover, he has a royal family bloodline. I suggest making him King, how about that?"

  Xiahou Ren and Marquis Lingnan cupped their fists and said, "Your Majesty, please make him King!"

  Lochlan was a little lost, his gaze swept across the officials and landed on me, "Master Li, what do you think?"

  I nodded, "Go ahead!"


  He made Luo Xun the South Protecting King, roughly because he took down Waterfront City. In truth, the reason why it was taken down was because of the players.


  Looking at the interface, the country war was still on the seventh day. However, the war had already ceased, the chances of getting more country war achievement points were very narrow. We couldn't head to Moon City and Swirling Abyss City to kill people just for points, right? However, there were probably such people out there doing those things. Looking at the rankings, I was still at the top so I was probably going to get MVP.

  In the hall, the reward ceremony continued. Lin Wan Er's Flaming Cloud Infanta title was officially given to her. Although she was a small Infanta, her power was comparable to that of an Emperor. The entire Flaming Cloud City was under her, which was a good thing. Flaming Cloud City would be a huge trump card for us!

  It lasted to the dead of night. We were finally tired so I called Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue to go offline to sleep. Tomorrow was the last day of the country war and it was also coronation day for Lochlan. I had high hopes for this new Emperor -- I just hoped he wouldn't be affected by his father and turn into someone with his own decisions. He needed to be a wise and smart ruler.


  Morning soon came. After eating, we went online!

  As expected, there weren't that many changes in the game. The Waterfront City players attacked the Nine Heavens City. Nine Heavens City was a main city with many countries including Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and others. The Korean and Japanese players definitely wouldn't be able to do so. They could only aim for some secondary cities. In truth, these small countries could only use secondary cities as main cities. For the Koreans and Japanese to rise back up, they could only choose these types of cities as their targets.

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