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ITDO - Chapter 278 - Premature End of the ‘Protagonist’

Ye Feng’s eyes were bloodshot. As he gazed at the seductive form of the lady before him, he felt a lust he had never felt before. It eroded his conscience, his reasoning, and even his awareness of anything else but its burning desire. More than anything else, Ye Feng wanted to rip apart her clothes and ravish her.

The woman in front of him was wearing a nightgown. Her facial features were so ornate that Ye Feng felt he was looking at the most beautiful woman in the world.

Although Ye Feng had been studying at Shanghai University for more than a year, he knew the identity of the women in front of him very well. She was Qin Yaxi, a member of a famously wealthy family in Shanghai, and one of the wealthiest families in China. In many ways, she was even more famous than some movie stars.

Ye Feng suddenly felt ashamed of his past self. The Zhou Qian who had rejected him in the past was a far cry from Qin Yaxi’s beauty. He wondered why he was so fascinated by that girl.

‘With the system, this kind of woman should become a member of my harem. I can even gain the support of her family.’

Ye Feng’s heart was uplifted. His mind thought about his magnificent future, and his reddened eyes emitted more and more madness.

After working hard on committing various criminal acts, Ye Feng felt that his current strength had completely surpassed that of ordinary people. His physical capabilities could even exceed those of well-trained army soldiers. In addition, the system had taught him spells and skills, causing his confidence to swell into arrogance.

Not long ago, the system gave him a mission of forcing down the lady of the Qin family. The thought that he could not only push down such beauty but also obtain sin points to strengthen himself made Ye Feng love this system so much.

The strongest demon system started from small crimes and strengthened its host as its host grew. Ye Feng could not find any problems in it at all. Time and time again, he completed tasks and grew stronger, but his inner moral values also gradually disappeared in front of that power.

‘When I obtain this woman, I will use hypnosis to make her love me.’

Ye Feng looked at the fear in Qin Yaxi’s eyes and became more and more excited. He used green claws to tear apart her nightgown while pinning her down with her other hand.

Closer, closer, closer…


Suddenly, a miserable scream broke the night. It wasn’t the young girl’s scream, but Ye Feng’s own cry of pain.

Just when he was about to touch Qin Yaxi’s nightgown, a light suddenly flashed from her body causing Ye Feng’s right hand to crumble. Blood splashed everywhere, revealing the white bones under his skin.

The pain was so severe that tears ran down Ye Feng’s face. There was a sharp whistle and he realized that something was amiss. Without a moment’s hesitation, he tapped into his magic power and vanished from the room.

‘Miss, are you okay?”

A female bodyguard barged into Qin Yaxi’s bedroom, pistol in hand.

The lady of the Qin family just shook her head. Although she was inwardly frightened, she remained calm on the outside.

She carefully touched the necklace on her neck which had the symbol of the Torch Dragon.

Before the mysterious old man left, he thanked her for taking care of him and gave this necklace to her. He told her that it would eliminate and prevent disasters.

Qin Yaxi had been wearing this necklace but did not expect that it would save her today.

She held the emblem hanging on her neck with her hands and closed her eyes. She was inwardly grateful to the mysterious old man while praying to the Torch Dragon.

“Ow ow ow ow ow. It hurts so damn much.”

Ye Feng had escaped to the wilderness with great difficulty. His right hand only had bones left with bits of tendon connecting them together. He howled, cried, and shouted. He was, after all, not too different from an ordinary person. And he had never experienced this level of agony before.

“What do I do? What do I do? My hand is gone… my hand is gone!”

“System, fix my hand!”

[Host doesn’t have enough sin points to fix it.]

“Then issue me a task. Issue me a task that would give me a lot of sin points.”

His mind flashed back to the woman he wasn’t able to obtain, then he looked at his right hand which was only left with bones. Anger surged in his heart and his expression was crazed.

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“That woman must be laughing at me now. She is definitely laughing at me! She actually dared look down on me, Ye Feng! When I obtain a stronger power, I will show you! I will destroy your Qin family and watch you kneel down and beg for mercy in front of me. I will make you use your body to serve me! That’s right, I’m just too weak right now. I need more power! System, tell me how to gain more power!”

Ye Feng howled into the air like a madman.

The system seemed silent for a while and continued in a calm and monotone voice.

[Host has requested a large task]

[Request has passed]

[Task: poison the city’s water supply. One point for every person who dies.]

Ye Feng felt something move in his pocket. He used his left hand to pull out a small bottle of light green liquid.

The liquid within shimmered with a faint light, and Ye Feng knew it was something modern humans could not create.

“I can gain one point for every person I kill!. If I kill hundreds of thousands to several million, then I would become invincible.”

Ye Feng’s face twisted as he completely lost what it means to be human.


“Leader, Ye Feng made a move against the lady of the Qin daily. Fortunately, the miss possesses an amulet left by the mysterious old man. Nothing big happened.”

“What? Quickly, go arrest Ye Feng. Do not continue to observe!”

The leader heard Gui Bin’s hurried report and was instantly shocked. It was common knowledge that the mysterious old man was now connected to the Qin family. If something happened to them when they were being specially protected by the government, then a lot of people might just lose their jobs.


“This is the place, right?”

Standing in front of the water filtration plant, Ye Feng whispered excitedly.

This water filtration plant naturally could not supply water to the entire city, but Ye Feng had already investigated multiple water filtration plants. He just needed to go to each of them one by one and poison the outgoing water. This should be able to kill hundreds of thousands of people.

The thought of obtaining hundreds of thousands of sin points made Ye Feng feel ecstatic. He quickly entered the filtration plant with the thought of being able to obtain stronger power.


When he opened the doors and walked in, countless strong lights suddenly shone on Ye Feng, stabbing at his retinas. As he fought back tears he could clearly hear the sirens close by. A man holding a megaphone shouted, “Ye Feng, put down the object in your hand and immediately kneel down. Then put your hand behind your head and do not resist. I repeat, Ye Feng….”

When Ye Feng had adapted to the bright light, he found himself surrounded on all sides by a hundred special police. Countless laser red dots were pointed at him, sending shivers down his spine.

‘How could it be like this? Just one more step and I would have succeeded.’

‘Wasn’t I the protagonist?’

‘If I am caught, I’ll be finished. I would probably be brought away to some research institute and be experimented on.’

Just as Ye Feng was scared to the point that peed his pants and collapsed on the ground, the system’s words caused him even more despair.

[Host has failed. The system is about to leave. Best of wishes to host]

“No, you can’t do this, system. You have to help me.”

Ye Feng suddenly lost all reason and began shouting in a frightened manner.

The armed police officer leading the group frowned and raised his hand to signal not to attack first. Instead, he listened to the words that the man named Ye Feng was shouting while he was out of control.

[The strongest demon system has an advanced function. Does the host want to activate it?]

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“Activate it. Activate it!!”

Ye Feng had lost his sanity and only felt fear. He even forgot to talk to the system in his mind.

[The strongest demon system’s advanced functions are about to be activated. Please sign an agreement to give up the host’s soul after death. The system will empower the host to escape from here. After that, the system will continue to serve the host. Does the host agree?]

Upon hearing the system’s words, Ye Feng’s sanity returned for a moment. An evil chill rose up from his heart, but when he saw the armed police around him, he thought that his life was about to end. Thinking of being rejected by Zhou Qian, and thinking about the lady of the Qin family, his sanity was instantly buried by his lust once more.

‘Isn’t it just my soul after death? Without the system, I would just be an ordinary person living an ordinary life that’s even worse than a dog. It’s thanks to the system that I could become a human being. I’ll think about this matter afterward. For now, I have to get away from immediate problems first.’

“I agree, I agree! Quick, quickly! Give me power!”

[Contract established]

Ye Feng suddenly felt it at that moment. The system seemed to be alive and carried a human tone.

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