Chapter 279 - Sinful Soul Obtained!
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 279 - Sinful Soul Obtained!

“Power. Power is pouring into my body!”

Ye Feng was surprised to feel boundless strength creeping into his bones. With a punch, he could tear anything asunder, and with a kick, he could send dozens of soldiers flying. He shivered at his newfound potential.


The influx of power made him scream into the sky, setting off a powerful shockwave that flung the distant soldiers off their feet and even tear off the steel ceiling of the water filtration plant.

Gui Bin and his leader were flung to the ground as well and cried out in pain. The two looked at each other with panic in their eyes. Ye Feng’s new abilities were in a completely different league than what the reports implied.

Gui Bin, who had read countless novels, understood what was happening to Ye Feng. From the way Ye Feng was speaking, there was no doubt that there was some kind of living creature within his body. At the moment, however, he needed to focus on how to contain the new threat.

“Is… Is this my power?”

Ye Feng looked at his hand incredulously and looked at the torn-off steel ceiling in ecstasy.


The armed forces at the scene scrambled off their feet and pulled their triggers at their superior’s order.


Bang Bang

Bullets tore through the air and converged on Ye Feng, but none could pierce through his skin. Rather, they shattered on impact.

Ye Feng’s ears picked up the burst of sniper rifles from several locations. His powerful vision could trace their trajectories in slow-motion. And with inhuman agility, he twisted in the air and avoided each one neatly.

Upon landing, he realized he was holding something hard and cylindrical in his left palm. Opening it, he saw it was one of the bullets.

“Hahahahaha! This is the power that I want. This is the power that I need. I will KILL ALL OF YOU!”

Ye Feng’s eyes reddened as he prepared to go on a killing spree, but the system’s words were like a splash of cold water, on his maddened state.

[The host’s current power has a time limit. The strongest demon system recommends that you immediately escape.]

‘This system is able to leave me to choose the next host.’

‘I can’t live without the system!’

‘Life is more important.’

‘Where there is life, there is hope.’


In an instant, Ye Feng made a decision and looked around viciously. Then he jumped tens of meters high to the ceiling and threw the bottle in his hand toward one of the pools of the water filtration plant.

‘Can’t forget my task. As long as I succeed, I may be able to keep my current power.’

No matter how you look at it, Ye Feng was already evil. Even at this moment, he still thought about his task, or rather, he has completely become a slave to lust.

“Quick, chase after him.”


The officers and soldiers scrambled and entered their vehicles to pursue Ye Feng. There was even a helicopter in the sky that followed him.

“Leader, the water has been contaminated!”

Gui bin watched Ye Feng throw a bottle of water at the water source and screamed in terror.

“Calm down. After learning that Ye Feng came to this water filtration plant, the entire facility was been shut down. We can also investigate what he actually threw in.”

Gui Bin and the leader both came to the water source after making sure that there was no danger, accompanied by officers and soldiers who stayed behind.

As they looked at the stagnant water, dark green bubbles emerged. The two looked at each other fearfully. Fortunately, they found out in advance that Ye Feng was not right in the head and decisively chose to arrest him. Otherwise, the strange thing that was thrown in would definitely bring about enormous casualties in Shanghai.

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“We have to eliminate Ye Feng at all cost, and as soon as possible! It will only become harder and harder to catch him in the future!”


“Huff… I finally shook them all off. From now on, I have to be more careful in what I do. I can’t just swagger around in public. I underestimated the strength of the country and never imagined that I was already under its observation.”

For a person who was able to get into Shanghai University, he was not a complete fool. Ye Feng was just lost because of the power he obtained. Now that he had suffered a loss, he also became more cautious.

Suddenly, the sudden burst of power he obtained had faded. He sat down on the ground as if his body and soul had been disconnected. As he felt the emptiness of losing that much power, greed once again appeared in Ye Feng’s eyes.

After possessing the power to grasp other people’s fates, even if it was just for a short amount of time, Ye Feng could not forget about it and was even obsessed with it.

“I have to be careful with this system. I have sold my soul to it through a contract. Fortunately, it will only take it after my death. I have to see later if I can get rid of this contract with sin points.”

He knew that any deals related to the soul were not good for him, but as he was sufficiently far from death, he didn’t worry about it too much.

At this moment…

[Contract has ended. The demon system has helped the host escape from danger. Host now needs to pay with his soul.]

“Wait a moment, doesn’t the contract say that I will give you my soul after I die?” Ye Feng grew alarmed.

[Contract condition 1. Temporarily provide the host with the power to escape. Condition reached.]

The system continued to talk without paying attention to Ye Feng’s retort.

[Contract condition 2. The host dedicates his soul after death.]

As these words fell, Ye Feng suddenly felt an unbearable pain from the depths of his soul. It spread to every muscle fiber, every nerve, every pore, and every cell of his body.


His face began to distort. His skin cracked and blood flowed down. It was as if he had fallen to the depth of hell and had to face punishments over and over again.

Ye Feng was fully conscious as this happened. His brain had lost the ability to faint and his soul was eternally burning in the fiery pits of hell.

“Ahhhhh. Let me go. Please let me go…”

“I don’t want anything anymore. You cowardly demon. You scammed me!”

“Go fuck your system!”

At this moment, Ye Feng finally realized that this thing was not the ‘strongest demon system’ but an actual demon. It fooled him to sign a contract to sell his soul. Everything it said was just word games. The contract conditions did indeed state that he would dedicate his soul after death, but without the words ‘natural death’, the demon simply took it upon itself to kill him!

[Condition 2 Reached!]

With the final words of the system, a golden figure appeared in front of Ye Feng. The god-like cold existence gouged out his sinful soul and held it in his palm.

“I have finally obtained a freshly fallen soul. This is the favorite soul of demons from the Abyss and devils from Hell.”

The figure laughed twice and then disappeared again without leaving a single trace.


The only thing that remained was a corpse that looked intact but bore an extremely distorted expression.

“Wear protective suits and bring the body to the base. Tell the higher-ups to send someone to perform an autopsy.”


Thus the supernatural incident that the citizens knew nothing about ended silently.

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