Chapter 280 - Descending Into the Bottomless Abyss
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 280 - Descending Into the Bottomless Abyss

In a secret underground research facility in China, Ye Feng’s corpse was being studied by many researchers wearing white protective suits.

“What are the research results?”

A middle-aged man in a military uniform asked the director of the research institution. The head of the institute was an elderly man.

“The subject’s body has been strengthened by some unknown force. In terms of muscle density and strength, he had already exceeded ordinary people, but stronger muscles alone would not have allowed him to blow away the steel ceiling of the water filtration plant, so we suspect that his roar should be related to some supernatural ability.”

The old man’s voice was naturally loud despite his age. His eyes were filled with excitement and frenzy as if he finally found the direction of research he was passionate about.

The emergence of supernatural powers invigorated the discussions in the scientific community. Naturally, some people also went crazy once their view of the world collapsed.

“Can this kind of strengthening be researched and used on living creatures?”

Hearing the army man’s question, the old man shook his head, “We have only obtained a body that has been physically strengthened, but we can’t study how it was done. A mysterious power might have been involved in it rather than modern science, but having a corpse to research is also good. His body structure is so perfect that it could provide us with the next step in bio-engineering. However, I’m afraid that it would take a long time for this research to bear fruit.”

The military official wasn’t disappointed at these words. Science and technology were not things that could be rushed, but as long as there was a correct direction and monetary support, it was possible to succeed. Naturally, creating a superhuman of this degree was impossible with the level of modern science. At most, they could succeed in improving some physical qualities of a person.

Earth’s civilization, when compared to the Terrans, was simply a primitive man being compared to the modern man.

“This corpse looks so distorted as if it had been subjected to many waves of abuse, but we found that this was not the cause of his death. Rather, it seemed as if he suddenly died without any external force.”

“It was as if his soul was taken away!”

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At the director’s words, the officer could not help but scowl. After a moment of silence, he spoke, “This is not the first time that this has happened. Not long ago, there was a delusional madman in Italy who attempted to destroy a city. The madman’s strength was beyond normal, but before he was killed, he had been shouting the word ‘demon’. According to how Ye Feng shouted when he went crazy, we suspect that there really is a demon leading the fall of mankind.”

“Sigh. Is it really demons from Catholicism? Or is it still those monsters from Cthulhu mythology? There might also be some relationship with the Demon King of Thanksgiving that appeared, but no matter what, ‘demons’ aren’t good things to associate with.”

The head of the research institute said so. He noticed that those scientists who studied the occult couldn’t really play much of a role.

“The soul is something we can neither prove nor disprove, but from the perspective of these recent supernatural events, I’m afraid that it really exists. Forget it. You guys should just continue studying Ye Feng’s corpse. Also, did you study the bottle he threw into the water?”

“That bottle does not look like it was artificially created. It’s more like it was grown out of nature. I suspect that it is also made from the same mysterious power. The liquid inside is poison. After experimenting on animals, the poison is quite strong and lethal, but it’s different from any kind of poison we know. It’s not a chemical but something closer to the realm of the unknown. For the time being, we don’t know how to study it.”

“Sigh. I really can’t understand this world anymore. Luckily, we found out about this in time. If Ye Feng succeeded, who knows how big the casualties would have been.”

The official and the researcher felt headaches as they felt worried about the messy world.


Deep within the mountains, Louie’s figure emerged. His hand held onto two illusory crystal figures that were different from each other. One of them was exactly in Ye Feng's appearance, while the other looked of European descent. The only common thing between the two was their expression of constant suffering.

Louie’s method of lifting people up and pushing them down was one of the favorite methods of devils from the Nine Hells of Baator. They used various desires to pollute people’s souls.

The reason why Louie did this was that this kind of soul was beloved by the demons of the Endless Abyss and the devils of the Nine Hells of Baator. They loved it when it was especially fresh. For souls that had decayed, they would accept them, but they were not as prized.

This was why devils loved to lead people to their downfall and did not pay much attention to souls that have already fallen for a long time.

Ye Feng was not the first person that Louie tempted. Before this, Louie had initially tempted two people, and their actions at the start were the same as Ye Feng. They were also not averse to the thought of obtaining the power of evil as it was in line with the human desire for anything free. However, when Louie issued tasks that required them to kill tens of thousands of people, the first two ‘hosts’ had given up.

For a devil, this would be considered a failure and targets to be abandoned. This was also the case for the next two people that Louie tempted. At this point, Louie began to doubt if humans might have a high level of humanity and morality.

It was not until he tempted a man in Italy that he was convinced that his plans were not wrong. The Italian man was easily motivated to destroy a small city. In the end, human beings were still human beings in the end. Some people just couldn’t be tempted and persisted to be good.

“You can only blame yourselves. I gave you a fair choice. You can choose to accept and refuse the task, but you lost your humanity in order to obtain power which resulted in your demise. This was your choice and had nothing to do with the will of others.”

Louie never forced anyone to do anything because if he did, that kind of deprivation was not genuine. As a result, Louie gave them a fair chance to choose. The first two people were not guided enough, resulting in their refusal to kill tens of thousands of people in exchange for power. On the other hand, these two people could not withstand the temptation and completely gave in to their desires.

“What filthy and dirty souls, but this is also the favorite of demons and devils.”

Louie gazed at the two twisted souls in his hand and sneered.

“With this, I can now use your souls to confirm my guesses.”

With a thought, a pale blue doorway appeared in front of Louie. As he stepped into it, he was instantly teleported from Earth to San Soliel. Then, he did not bother anyone and created a teleportation formation with his divine power. In an instant, he teleported to the Bottomless Abyss in the lower plane.

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