Chapter 281 - Louie’s Divine Way
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 281 - Louie’s Divine Way

The Bottomless Abyss was a place of endless destruction - void of ethics and morals. The region was filled with never-ending killing and was one of the most horrible places in the world of San Soliel.

The Bottomless Abyss was also a place that could be called the embodiment of chaos and evil.

The most powerful being in the Bottomless Abyss was known as the Abyssal Will. It was similar to the will of a planet and an extension of the egoless Abyss. From Louie’s point of view, the Abyssal Will was actually an extremely powerful god that completely followed its instincts. In terms of divine authority, the Abyssal Will possessed the divine authority of the ‘Abyss’. All demons living inside the Abyss were its followers and tried to please it.

In the era of disaster, the Bottomless Abyss was also devastated by the Terran Civilization. The demons were put down like wild dogs. The Abyssal Will was severely traumatized just like the Crystal Wall System. In that era, less than ten percent of demons survived.

The distance between the Bottomless Abyss and the main continent was extremely great. Other than a small number of powerhouses, no one could cross over to the Bottomless Abyss. At the same time, the number of demons that could crossover was also low. Now that the gods were waking up, the distance between realms was also closing.

There were not many locations in the Abyss. Humans would never be willing to enter a place that had eternal destruction and killing as its theme. Generally speaking, people who enter the Abyss would land on the Endless Abyssal Plains, but for a god like Louie, he could go straight into the innermost parts of the Abyss.

When Louie teleported to the five hundred and sixty-fourth layer, he could feel endless chaos and evil within it, causing him to frown.

Louie did not like this kind of extreme environment. Whether it was the chaotic evil of the Bottomless Abyss or the orderly goodness of the Heavenly Mountains, they were both too much for people like him. Louie would rather choose somewhere closer to orderly neutrality with a slight evil. Someone like him would never take a liking to this kind of extreme environment.

The Abyss was filled with absolute negative energy. This was the main part of the Abyss. Each layer was also different from the other. For example, the layer Louie was in now had a combination of negative energy and air. The entire layer was composed of gases and formed very little solid material.

In the world of San Soliel, it did not matter whether a creature was good or evil, whether the souls were sublime or sinful. They all had their own gods. The good souls had their place and the evil souls had theirs. It was a perfect balance.

“This is the five hundred and sixty-fourth layer. I should be close to the five hundred and seventieth layer…”

Louie frowned. He once again opened a portal but did not continue to the next layer and instead returned back to the upper layer.

The five hundred seventieth layer was the territory of the succubi. The Queen of the Succubi, Melkanthet, was one of the evils that survived the Era of Disaster.

According to the Silver Moon Goddess, because succubi were not known for their power among the demons, the Queen of Succubi was tamer compared to other crazed demon lords, and thus she was able to stay alive in that terrifying era while most of the other demons lords died.

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A demon lord was considered a master of the Abyss. Each of them possessed a layer in the Abyss which was their territory. These demons were given the title of ‘lord’ by the Abyssal Will. In their own territory, they possessed false godhood that made them equivalent to a god in their own territories.

With the awakening of the gods, the Abyssal Will was also waking up. The Succubi Queen should also have already awakened and regained control over her territory. With Louie’s current state, he could not win against the Succubi Queen in her territory. If he was careless and entered it, the Succubi Queen would catch him due to his looks before turning him into her slave.

If there was anyone who was going to be a slave, it would be better if the Succubi Queen became his, not the other way around.

Naturally, demons were gods only in their own territories. If they were outside of it, there was nothing to fear. Their godhoods were fake, thus they did not possess the ability to create incarnations let alone the ability to project their incarnations to the main continent.

A powerful god was able to create a mid-rank incarnation with their divine power. With this ability, they did not even need to take the demon lords seriously. They were simply unable to leave their territories. In the eyes of gods, the demon lords were nothing more than captive animals. The world ultimately belongs to gods and not demons.

When passing by succubi territory, Louie also thought about bringing back a succubus to play with, but he quickly give up on this idea. Succubi were synonymous with sex and lust. The lower ranks of the succubus were more obscene and Louie did not have any interest in playing with them. The succubus who was the mascot of Flower Street was one such succubus.

Louie quickly shuttled through the Abyss. Now that the Abyssal Will had just woken up and a lot of demon lords had died during the Era of Disaster, there were only a few demon lords around. Louie was not interested in fighting them so he opened up a path with his divine power to quickly pass through the Abyss and reach the first layer.

Compared to other parts of the Abyss, the Plain of Infinite Portals was much more lively. In addition to demons, there were many other races here. There, evil existences who could not mix with the creatures of the main continent and came here to fight. There were also some dimensional merchants who came to do trade.

Louie did not pay attention to the plains and directly found the River Styx, then continued forwards and reached Hell.

Because the God of Death had fallen asleep, Hell was now filled with countless undead creatures. Louie did not stop moving and continued following the River Styx towards the source.

The River Styx was the main artery of the lower realms. Its status was equivalent to the Yangtze River and the Yellow Rivers of China. This river was very important no matter which creature. The essence of every creature was the soul after all.

At the very source of River Styx was the place where souls moved around, it was also the birthplace of the souls!

Compared to the decaying waters of the River Styx closer to the Abyss, the source water was much clearer. There was no negative or positive energy at all, and it could be called extremely pure.

“Next, let’s see if I can realize my idea.”

Louie took a look at the evil soul in his hand and cast it into the River Styx.

At the place where souls were born, even the gods could be cleaned of their divinity if they fell into it. This was also the origin of the River Styx oath. Any evil soul that falls into it would be washed and cleaned by the river and turned into a pure soul. All traces of the past of this soul would be washed clean and it would return back to its base form.

“Success. The River Styx can accept the soul of another world!”

Louie’s face was filled with joy. His prediction was right. Whether it was Earth or San Soliel, the soul was the same. The soul might be from Earth, but after submerging it into the River Styx, it was not only imprinted with traces of San Soliel but also regained its purest form.

“So, I can collect the dead souls of those who believed in me on Earth and bring them to this world. Then I can use the waters of River Styx to wash away their pasts, leaving only their faith in me. That way, I can turn them into my believers.”

Louie whispered with joy.

Earth was a desert of mysteries. When Louie’s followers on Earth died, they could not travel to his kingdom at all. As this was a difference in the rules of different worlds, Louie did not have to be responsible for them, but personally, he felt he had to pay back their contributions of faith. Louie had to give them a life after death as an outer god.

Although the faith that a believer provided isn’t much, having more believers was better. When they died and came to his kingdom, they could continue worshiping him, allowing him to gain more divine power. Those believers could also live a satisfying life after death in his divine kingdom. This would allow Louie’s divine kingdom to become more extensive.

Since the believers were a god’s basic requirement, This was the long-lasting ‘divine way’ that Louie envisioned for himself. This would allow him to surpass other gods.

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