Chapter 282 - Recruiting Demon Actors
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I, The Dragon Overlord Chapter 282 - Recruiting Demon Actors

Louie began to contemplate the implications of his new discovery.

First of all, Earth was a big place. Louie’s followers on Earth were not as united as those in Dragon City. They were, after all, scattered all over the globe and since Earth had no mysteries, the souls of Louie’s believers there would not be able to find him after they died. If Louie wanted to gather souls, he would need to set up some magic formations on Earth.

This magic formation would be used to absorb the souls of believers. It would only need to herd the souls of believers towards the ‘gods’ they believed in, and so it needn’t be too complex. Starting up the formation would also not take a lot of magic power. The only troublesome thing was that the magic formations he was aware of that did this did not cover a wide area. If he wanted to cover the entire planet, he would require countless magic formations. This would probably tire Louie to death.

“Perhaps I can use the help of the governments,” he considered.

“I cannot rush this. First I must become a god and fully possess the abilities of one. For now, I better collect more faith first.”

Thinking like this, Louie took out another soul. He took a look at the twisted soul and drew a magic formation in midair.

By using the evil soul as a lure and his divinity as bait, he activated a nine-ring spell in Hell - [Advanced Otherworldly Summoning]!

This spell was targeted at the Abyss. Compared to the cunning devils of Hell, the demons of the Abyss were dumber and more easily deceived.

As this summoning spell spun faster and faster, Louie could hear the sound of dispute on the other side. And indeed, the demons were fighting for the delicious soul and his divinity.

Louie’s summoning spell did not summon a specific demon, but a broad group. That way, he could select from the best of the best.

Sure enough, the glow of the spell reached its peak and a balor walked out from the portal.

A balor was the strongest form that ordinary demons could evolve into. They had huge bodies, a hideous demon head, bat-like wings, and cracked skins that boiled like burning magma. When this demon appeared, its surroundings would be plunged into chaos as its aura of depravity and madness filled the place.

“Look at that. It's balor, just what I needed. It meets both the appearance and the power requirements.”

Louie looked at the demon and sized it up with satisfaction.

This demon did not pay any attention to Louie at all. It was much more attracted to the fallen soul. It did not even think and charged at the soul, grabbed it, and threw it in its mouth while showing enjoyment.

After eating the soul greedily, the balor greedily looked at the divinity floating in front of it and let out a demonic roar, “Make your request, mage! For the sake of that delicious soul, I will fulfill your request. And if you give me the divinity, I will help you crush your enemies, no matter who they are.”

This balor didn’t even look at Louie. This summoning spell was only a nine-ringed spell. Normally, it couldn’t summon such a powerful demon. Unless the mage used divinity and a delicious soul as bait, it wouldn’t have responded to the summoning.

Thus, the balor demon was quite arrogant, thinking that the mage that summoned it had a request for him. If it could obtain the divinity, it wouldn’t mind helping this mage do something.

It must be known that the balor demon was no different from a legendary rank powerhouse. Moreover, demons fought in a crazed yet brave manner. If these demons weren’t restricted to the Abyss and could only temporarily stay in the main continent after being summoned, then with their numbers, the main continent would have already been consumed by the Abyss.

“Very well, demon! Fulfill my request. Tell me your true name.”

Louie looked at this muscle head and felt that it was a funny demon. It did not even bother to look at him and continued to stare at the divinity.

These disorderly monsters of chaos were all psychopaths and comedians. Their thinking simply could not be understood by normal people.

“Bastard, how dare you force a demon to reveal their true name!”

This balor was instantly enraged. It opened its mouth and spat out the flames of the Abyss as it looked at Louie.

A demon’s true name was not something that they could just tell anyone, because knowing the true name of the demon would allow people to enslave it. Generally, demons only revealed their true names to the demon lords to whom they swore allegiance.

For the ‘mage’ to force it to tell its true name was the same as asking to be torn to pieces.

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But, then this balor looked at Louie, and it froze for a moment before rubbing its eyes in disbelief.

Louie had been suppressing his divine power to prevent the demon from sensing it, but when it looked at Louie it could not sense Louie’s true nature.

“No! I don’t want anything else. I want to go back to the Abyss.”

Although demons had problems with their thinking, they greatly feared death. After seeing that Louie was actually a God, it jumped in terror and tried to run back toward the summoning spell.

“Little demon, I am lacking an actor and am currently recruiting. I think you are very qualified. Just your appearance alone would make people think that you are a demon.”

Louie showed a much more demonic smile, “Don’t worry. You are the protagonists and not the cannon fodder. In addition to meals and wages, this divinity will be your reward.

Louie waved his hand, and two chains appeared from thin air to tie up the demon. Then, the divinity burrowed itself into the demon’s body as it stared in horror.

“You insidious and cunning god who is more demonic than a demon, I don’t want it. I don’t want it!”

Divinity was something that all creatures sought after. If a balor demon could obtain divinity and become a divine creature, it would definitely be able to become stronger. The prospect of improving their strength was extremely attractive to all demons, but that was contingent on the divinity not belonging to a living God.

The balor demon did not have a godhood, so it could not cleanse the will of the divinity like how Louie cleansed the Goddess of Night’s. A divinity with the will of a god simply poisonous to the demons!


The demon screamed miserably as it was transformed by Louie’s divinity. Then Louie touched the crown on his head and opened the small dimension of the Divine King’s Crown and pushed the demon inside.

“The actors have been assembled. Let’s have a wonderful play!”

Louie didn’t care that he was surrounded by only unconscious creatures when he spoke. He bent his waist like an actor bowing on stage with one hand behind his back and one hand in front. Then Louie returned back to Dragon City and entered the portal to return back to Earth.

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