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IGK - Chapter 122.1 Balance between Career and Family (1/2)

Zhu Cultivation Town. Gongyi Teahouse’s backyard!

Wang Ke walked up to the same old platform with everyone’s eyes on him.

“Clan Lord Wang!” everyone cheered.

Those around him were the clan lords from Zhu Cultivation Town and many other Innate Stage cultivators. All of them were currently sending hopeful looks at Wang Ke.

We were all in the lowest cultivator class back then… Why has Wang Ke become so successful now? It shouldn’t have been like this! Why are we worse off? Oh how I envy him! But we can’t mess up our relationship with Wang Ke. Whether we can become as successful as him might just depend on this gathering.

“Thank you, everyone, for coming to Gongyi Teahouse. Your great support overwhelms me! I will not beat around the bush and start with our main agenda!” Wang Ke said with a smile.

“Sure!” Everyone kept their eyes on Wang Ke with much expectation.

“Am I godlike when it comes to making money?” Wang Ke shouted, going straight to the point.

Zhang Zhengdao’s eyes widened in disbelief after such a claim. Damn. It’s my first time hearing someone opening a speech with a phrase to disgust everyone. No, the opening line is to boast about himself! Wang Ke, where’s your face?

“Clan Lord Wang... Heh, you really…!” The cultivators were also taken aback.

The atmosphere became awkward.

“Hahaha. All of you must be thinking that I’m simply bragging, right? Come, let me tell you. During the grand opening ceremony not long ago, God Wang Company made a revenue of eleven million four hundred and sixty-five thousand pounds of spirit stone. On the first day of sales! One day was all it took!” Wang Ke proclaimed.

“What?” Everyone was shocked to hear that.

They looked at Wang Ke as though he had descended from heaven above.

They all knew about God Wang Tower and heard much about the company’s opening ceremony. Still, they had not heard anything about their massive sales. More than ten million? What kind of numbers are those?

They were still struggling to make ten or twenty pounds of spirit stones. Sometimes, they would even squabble about one or two pounds of spirit stones. Look at Wang Ke! More than ten million pounds? Ten million! In one day?

Many lost their cool in an instant. Even for those who speculated that Wang Ke had struck it rich in a big way, the numbers were far beyond their expectation.

The envy they felt dissipated, smothered by despair; they couldn’t even catch up with his shadow. The feeling that took over was admiration, extreme admiration.

“Everyone, do you want to be like me? To strike it rich?” Wang Ke shouted toward his audience.

The entire venue turned silent, but the tempted hearts were pumping wildly.

“Yes!” someone shouted.

“Yes! I want to! I want that!” ……………………

Countless people instantly started responding.

“One more question. Am I, Wang Ke, godlike when it comes to making money?” Wang Ke asked loudly again.

“Yes you are~~~~~~~~~~!”

The atmosphere swiftly reached a climax.

Zhang Zhengdao didn’t expect that to happen. Why do people not care about Wang Ke’s shamelessness anymore? Why are they all bewitched and crazy already?

Wang Ke looked at the cultivators with satisfaction.

Nothing crazy about it! This is a classical speech tactic from an e-marketing annual symposium back on Earth! Brainwash speech! Some e-marketings are good, while others are really bad. From CEOs to salespersons, e-marketing swindlers can make their blood boil with just one speech. They could make everyone disco dance on the spot and pump up the atmosphere. You don’t believe me?

Once the atmosphere reaches a climax and their brains are on fire… That’s when they easily give you money!

“Remember how the workshops collaborated with God Wang Tower some time ago and earned some money?” Wang Ke asked.

“Indeed! Thank you, Clan Lord Wang, for taking care of us!” one of the shopkeepers replied with a smile.

“Haha, don’t mention it! It was just an insignificant gesture! There won’t be only one God Wang Tower; there will be one in each major cultivation town in the future. The materials I need will only increase! My previous orders were nothing! More business awaits. I made more than ten million pounds of spirit stones in one day when God Wang Company opened. More days like that will come every year! Follow me, and you will have endless wealth!” Wang Ke cried out.

His listeners’ eyes were filled with passion.

Wang Ke continued, “Do you want to reach the pinnacle of your life? Let’s do business together, and you will have a balance between career and family! And tomorrow, you will have a luxurious flying sword of your own! Do you believe it can happen?”

Zhang Zhengdao stared at Wang Ke. You are bluffing too much, aren’t you? Flying sword? Luxurious even? Is it that easy to get? I spent ages trying to get one but failed in the end. Damn, do you really think it’s that easy?

“We believe!” many cried out in response.

Zhang Zhengdao looked at those money starved souls.

She Tianba, who was amidst the crowd, hated Wang Ke even more. Somehow—after listening to Wang Ke’s brainwashing talk—he felt that the hundred and fifty thousand pounds of spirit stones were insignificant. Why?

Wang Ke continued crying out, “Everyone knows I didn’t show my face during the construction of God Wang Tower at all because it wasn’t worth it, but this time is different. Out of all the seventy-two cultivation towns, why do you think I only came to the Zhu Cultivation Town? Because I lived here, I have feelings for this place. You are all my fellow townsmen. That is why, when I still have many more opportunities to make money, I came here to take care of you!”

“Thank you, Clan Lord Wang!” many excited voices responded in the crowd.

A few minutes was enough for everyone to feel convinced; following and learning from Wang Ke in doing business would somehow lead them to a successful life. Of course, many were still calm and clear-minded, not saying a single word because they didn’t want to offend the others in the crowd.

“What business opportunity do you think I want to discuss with you?” Wang Ke looked at all his audience.

Everyone waited in silence.

“You know what She Tianba has been doing in town for the past few days?” said Wang Ke as he addressed the crowd.

Amidst the crowd—She Tianba raised an eyebrow. Why is Wang Ke bringing me up?

“She Tianba? He’s been hiring Innate Stage generals for a military clan in the mortal zone!” someone answered.

“I have gathered you here for the same reason; it’s just that I’m helping another military clan! Is there anyone willing?” Wang Ke asked with a smile.


“The business you mentioned only has to do with sending us to our deaths in the mortal zone?”

“My ancestors’ records say that more than half of all the hired Innate Stage cultivators died each time a war was fought to supersede the old empire!”

“Why risk our lives in such horrifying wars?”




Many people raised their eyebrows in suspicion. Isn’t it obvious that we’re cultivating to live longer? Why would we throw our lives away just for some money? Is it really worth it? That is also why She Tianba is having a hard time recruiting.

“Hahaha, do you think I’m like She Tianba? If I were so, I wouldn't have talked about helping everyone make money!” Wang Ke laughed.

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Everyone was taken by surprise.

“She Tianba’s offered Innate Stage cultivators at least five hundred pounds of spirit stones. Since you’re different, how much are you offering?” someone in the crowd said with a mocking tone.

Wang Ke didn't expect that. Didn’t I stir up the mood already? Why is that person still so clear-minded? Even so, he shouldn't have spoken so hatefully.

“Who asked that question?” Wang Ke asked with a smile.


Everyone immediately stepped aside, revealing a man wearing a blood-colored robe that concealed his face.

She Tianba—the one hiding inside the blood-colored robe—was stunned. What the hell? I’m helping you guys bargain, and you guys sell me out?

“I don’t care who it is. It’s okay; I can give you an answer! She Tianba is offering five hundred pounds? Say, if I offered ten thousand pounds to recruit one Innate Stage cultivator, would any of you be willing?” Wang Ke asked, smiling.

“What?” She Tianba cried out in shock.

Not only him; all those present were wide eyed due to disbelief.

“Ten thousand pounds of spirit stones? Clan Lord Wang, are you serious?”

“I’m willing!”

“I’m willing! Clan Lord Wang, you must recruit me!”




Everyone immediately voiced their consent.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by Cao Junbo. Edited by Calofel.