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ITDO - Chapter 250 - Mortal, You Shall Not Look at God Directly!

The expression on the elven followers inside changed dramatically. They looked at Roselia and her group in rage. If it wasn’t because they were powerless, they would have already picked up sticks to beat them up.

These elves originally believed in the Silver Moon Goddess. Because the important divine authority of the Silver Moon Goddess was stolen by the Goddess of Morning, their believers entered a hostile relationship. Now that these elves converted to the Dragon God faith, they still did not have much goodwill towards the followers of the Goddess of Morning.

Seeing how the paladin dared to say such disrespectful words to their god, they felt outraged as if their parents were being cursed.

The halfling chef who was cooking in the restaurant was also furious. This peace-loving race was also Louie’s believer. Other diners were already frightened and wanted to leave, afraid that the demigod dragon’s anger would also fall on them.

Derek let out a bitter expression. He knew that paladins were well-known as muscle brains, but he never imagined that they were this lacking to even openly say such treacherous words. Moreover, their group had arrived with Roselia, who knew if the lord would also treat them as accomplices?

With this in mind, Derek moved closer to Princess Andrea and shielded the princess from the side. Although Corvin was trembling in fear, he also had to fulfill his duty as the princess’ guard and blocked the princess from the front.

Even Andrea, who was a beautiful girl with a sunny smile, went pale. Apparently, she did not expect the paladin that they just met to do such a stupid thing.

‘Is she trying to drag the empire with her?’

As a member of the Subila Imperial Family who grew up living in a world of deceit, Andrea was aware of various schemes. She immediately thought that this was the paladin trying to drag them with her to fight the dragon.

Louie did not panic. The longer he lived in San Soliel, the more familiar he became with the culture of the world. He knew that paladins were the kind of people who faced evil regardless of the occasion. They would follow their own justice even if the enemy was stronger than themselves.

One might wonder if Louie was evil, but he did feel that he was evil. For example, he set up a casino in Dragon City and reproduced various games from Earth. In this world where resources were lacking, their entertainment was also lacking. Playing fancy gambles coupled with extravagant spending was definitely more addictive than any drug.

In Louie’s opinion, gambling was worse than drugs in this world. Modern methamphetamine was cheap to produce. Rich families wouldn’t even go bankrupt if they drugged themselves to death. However, there were special abilities in the world of San Soliel that could clear the drug addiction, making them less effective.

On the other hand, gambling was different. Gambling was an addiction that was difficult to quit. As long as you got addicted, it was possible for your family to lose everything overnight. Louie established those casinos to attract corrupt nobles all over the land. By making them addicted to gambling, they would gamble away their property to Dragon City and fill up Louie’s treasures.

Just the fact that it causes people to fall was definitely the behavior of an evil god. Even a believer of a good god could also become an evil god’s believer if they weren’t careful. As a result, there wasn’t any mistake when Roselia called Louie evil. Normally, other evil dragons would just kill you physically, but Louie would drag down your spirit, twist your will, and crush your soul. This was much more terrifying!

According to calculation, Louie was roughly between the camp of order and the camp of chaos.

However, since the paladin in front of Louie had an agitated face and a righteous depression, he could not help but become annoyed.

This was the difference between a world with gods and a world without gods. The Church of Light or Church of Righteousness was always the most annoying group in novels. They would hide all the dirty things and serve their gods with gloves on their hands, saying that they represented justice and all things good.

The main divine authority of the Goddess of Morning was justice. She also had a portion of the Silver Moon Goddess's divine authority. Therefore, this goddess could also be called the Goddess of Justice. With just these divine authorities it was understandable what the Goddess’ style of action was. If the believers were all facing the Goddess of Morning, there was no need to worry about them committing evil as the Goddess would never allow it.

This was why the Goddess of Morning still had many followers in the era when the gods were still asleep. If she wasn’t, many people would probably be excommunicated already. On the other hand, the Goddess of Night’s doctrine was all about satisfying dark desires, but believers who did such a thing would definitely be hunted down as the Goddess of Morning persuaded people to do good and fight evil. Normal civilians would not have to think too much about who to believe.

If Louie was a powerless mortal, he would definitely believe in the Goddess of Morning. If the Goddess of Night bestowed him with power then he will follow the Goddess of Night.

So, although Roselia’s actions were inappropriate, no one could say that she was doing this selfishly as she acted for justice.

But blasphemy was blasphemy. Since Louie was now infinitely close to becoming a god, he would never allow others to commit blasphemy against him. He would not make an exception even if she was a believer of the Goddess of Morning.

Towards this believer who was loyal to light and justice, Louie had countless ways to play with her body and mind.

As a result, Louie had decided to properly punish her, and make her truly understand what was evil.

Blasphemers would be punished by God!

“Do we know each other, miss paladin?”

Louie asked frankly and freely.

“No, we don’t.”

Roselia would never lie.

“Then did I kill your parents or rape you to make you so angry?”

Louie's tone was calm. Although the words he uttered were unpleasant, everyone could still feel the sacredness in them. This was the power of a God.

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“Evil must be eradicated, this is our creed as paladins. Moreover, you killed the former commander of the order. Of course, I understand that it was on the battlefield, so killing the enemy is not a crime, but you took away the holy relic of the order. As the current commander, I have an obligation to retrieve it.”

The paladin spoke in a clear manner. Although she was stubborn and could not tolerate corruption, she knew that deaths on the battlefield could not be judged. So she wasn’t angry that Louie had killed her commander.

This sentence alone made Louie have a good impression of her, and also a good impression of the Goddess of Morning. Her doctrine seemed to be consistent with the vast majority of good people. It was no wonder her faith was quite prosperous.

But at the same time, Louie was a bit in awe. This was because the Goddess of Morning was the enemy of the Silver Moon Goddess, so he was also hostile to her. This Goddess was definitely an enemy that he had to be very careful of. She would also be the most terrifying enemy.

Roselia habitually activated her [Detect Evil] to look at Louie, but this would be the first time she would suffer for it. There was no good light or evil light coming from Louie, only a brilliant divine might. When her spell acted on Louie, Roselia let out a stifled grunt. Her face went pale, and her spirit was shaken.

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‘Mortal, you shall not look at God directly!’

Roselia instantly had this realization. Fear instantly appeared within her. That was because this ‘god’ did not just represent a demigod. A demigod would still have been subjected to the [Detect Evil] spell.

This could only mean that the evil dragon in front of her was already infinitely close to a god.

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